Chocolate spread on toast

Chocolate butter is here to sweeten up your breakfast

Calling all chocolate lovers...

Chocolate butter is here to sweeten up your breakfast

Tea, toast and butter is a breakfast staple for busy people all over the world.

Pop down the toaster for three minutes, grab the butter out of the fridge and put the kettle on – simple.

But now there is a new way to satisfy your tastebuds and quench any early sugar cravings too!

Enter chocolate butter.

New Zealand-based Lewis Road Creamery has teamed up with confectionery manufacturer Whittaker’s to bring what it calls a ‘decadent chocolate spread’.

Combining ‘award-winning butter’ with 72% dark Ghana Chocolate, this little pot of gold is free of palm oil too.


Introducing… Chocolate Butter made with @whittakersnz. Spread the love. #ChocolateButter

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The duo previously got together in 2014 to create the Lewis Road chocolate milk which had customers going chocolate crazy. 

Peter Cullaine, founder of the creamery, told the Dairy Reporter that the lightbulb moment came after an afternoon tea of French pastries.

He said: “Right away we were off to the patisserie for more croissants and it was out with the blender to mix up the very first batch of chocolate and butter.

“As soon as we tasted it we knew we're onto something special.”


How will you enjoy your #ChocolateButter, Roadies...?

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According to the team, the little pot of sunshine goes perfectly with bacon, pancakes and macaroons too. 

But before you rush out to your local store to buy it - the new product is not yet available in the UK, so it looks like we might have to stick to topping our toast with chocolate spread or techinicoloured butter for now.

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