3 decadent and impressive chocolate dessert recipes

These sophisticated cocoa-loaded desserts are surprisingly easy to master at home

3 decadent and impressive chocolate dessert recipes

It's a truth universally acknowledged that everyone loves chocolate.

Dark, milk, or white. Baked into goodies, stirred into hot chocolate, or left as a bar. I guess you could say we're 'loco' for cocoa.

In celebration of International Chocolate Day (7 July), we’ve rustled up some of our absolute favourite chocolate concoctions - one each for dark, milk and white chocolate - that are not only sophisticated and impressive, but also super easy to whip up at home.

From light and airy mousse to rich, squidgy ganache tartlets, check out our ultimate chocolate recipes perfect for impressing dinner guests below.

Dark chocolate tartlets

Thanks to its ultra-rich, flavour-packed nature, dark chocolate works brilliantly in a variety of puddings, from bubbly mousses to deliciously dense chocolate truffles.

These mini dark chocolate tartlets have it all: a crumbly biscuit base, a rich yet light chocolate mousse, a silky chocolate ganache and a salted caramel drizzle. Go on, you know you want to.

Milk chocolate mallow teacakes

A Scottish teatime staple, teacakes are one of our favourite throwback treats.

A crisp milk chocolate shell provides a delectable contrast to the crumbly biscuit and soft, gooey mallow. Bake a batch and prepare to be transported back to childhood. Utter chocolatey perfection, simply add a cup of tea for 3pm bliss.

White chocolate mousse with passion fruit and macadamia nut brittle

White chocolate: the underdog in the chocolate league. But sweet and vanilla-laden white chocolate shines as the absolute star of the show in this sophisticated dessert.

Greek yogurt folded through the mousse adds a subtle sharpness to compliment the chocolate's velvety, sweet qualities. We love layering this airy delight with tangy passionfruit and crunchy macadamia brittle for a flavour and texture extravaganza. Michelin star, eat your heart out.

Have our chocolatey recipes got you in the mood for something sweet? Make sure to stock up on everything you need to make these cocoa-creations at Asda or pop into your local store.