Alcohol-free Christmas mocktails that everyone can enjoy

You can still eat, drink and be merry this festive season. Without the booze.

Alcohol-free Christmas mocktails that everyone can enjoy

There are countless great things about not drinking – waking up without dry-mouth and a throbbing head is just one. If you're cutting out (or cutting down on) booze for whatever reason this Christmas, it's a good idea to have a few easy mocktail recipes up your sleeve, so you don't feel like a kid in a room of adults at your next party.

While we do love a Shirley Temple (lemonade and grenadine) or a Roy Rogers (cola and grenadine), there are so many more adult-appropriate (and Christmas-appropriate) beverage choices out there. From festive mulled juice to non-alcoholic bellinis. Here are our favourite recipes – sip sip, hooray!

No-alcohol Christmas pudding old fashioned

This is a delicious no-alcohol Christmassy twist on the classic Old Fashioned cocktail. Typically, this muddles together sugar, bitters, water and whiskey. It's then garnished with an orange slice or zest. To make this just as special, without the alcohol, we've including Ceder's Classic Non-Alcoholic spirit and a cinnamon stick for good cheer. 

berry slush 

This summery berry slush works just as well come Christmas time! While this recipe calls for raspberries and blueberries, you could use whatever fruit you like – try cranberries for a festive spin.

Ginger beer, blood orange & rosemary tonic fizz

Fan of a mimosa? Then you'll love this non-alcoholic take on the refreshing cocktail that's so often served up at brunch or weddings. We've swapped out the champagne for rosemary tonic fizz, and added ginger beer for a real taste of Christmas. 


Mulled juice serves a multitude of purposes – for one thing, it smells even better than your favourite Christmas candle. For another, it immediately puts you in a festive mood – and, of course, it tastes totally delish. Check out our guide to mulling, whether that be juice, cider or wine.

Season's greetings spiced no-jito with Ceder's Classic

Containing no rum but all the taste, this spiced no-jito is just the thing for Christmas. This spiced take on a mojito combines the likes of soda water, mixed spice, sugar and mint. Garnish it with a sprig of mint and cranberries. 

Pink grapefruit & bramble winter spritz mocktail

How refreshing does this pink grapefruit and bramble winter spritz look? Combining blackberries, grapefruit, grenadine, Shloer and our Extra Special non-alcoholic premium botanical drink, this is just the tipple to start the festive season off with a bang. We'll take two! 


Another one for bellini lovers. But this time we've used red fruits as the base. Adapt this recipe by topping up a blob of raspberry sorbet with Nosecco, and join in the 'cheers'. 

Looking to rustle up some booze-free beverages this Christmas? Make sure to stock up on everything you need online or pop into your local store.