Christmas party food and sparkling cocktails to enjoy this winter

This tempting array of mini and mighty party food is sure to be the life and soul of the party!

Christmas party food and sparkling cocktails to enjoy this winter

Santa Claus is comin' to town – the festive sandwiches have made their way onto the shelves, the wooly Christmas jumpers are there to be purchased and there is only a matter of weeks left until you will be prepping the turkey stuffing. 

With that in mind, now (more than ever) would be a good time to start thinking about canapés, festive drinks and party treats to make sure all the hungry mouths are fed and watered. 

So with time ticking away until the big day and Christmas festivities fast approaching, we’ve put together a range of delectable party food and palatable Christmas drinks which will not only look great on the dinner table, but taste great too!

Sage and ginger prosecco

You can really get into the party spirit by creating cocktails all your guests will love.

Prosecco is a sure winner when it comes to any drink. This recipe allows you to transform it from an ordinary drink into a Christmas cocktail. 

Fig gin and lemonade

Serve these tasty cocktails over crushed ice for a sophisticated feel and cut up half a fig to decorate - bottoms up!

Raspberry sorbet bellini

A simple raspberry bellini recipe is one you can pull out of the bag anytime of the year - however by making it into a sorbet it adds that extra touch of Christmas glamour. 


These delicately crisp pastel macarons are made using a Parisian-inspired recipe.

Thaw the sweet meringue-based confection and add them to your party spread for some extra colour and sugary goodness which is sure to be a winner with all your loved ones.  

Treacle-glazed gammon 

Succulent gammon nestled on pastry spoons and sprinkled with crispy onions is one party dish sure to wow your guests - even better that the spoons are edible! 

Smoked salmon canapés 

Introduce these quick and easy canapés using our Extra Special Scottish Smoked Salmon as they are sure to make your Christmas party a cut above the rest. 

Duck spring rolls

Classic five-spice Chinese nibbles with a tangy plum sauce for dripping adds a taste of orient to your spread. 

These nibbles can be cooked from frozen in 13 minutes meaning you can spend less time cooking and more time mingling! 

Award winning cheeses 

Everyone loves a cheese board and it's probably the first food platter you look for when you're at a party.

When putting together board, aim for different flavours and textures to keep your guests’ taste buds excited! 

Choose from our range of award winning cheeses

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