Clementines in wooden box

Be mine, Clementine!

Pick up a punnet of these limited edition Clemenmiels - in-store now

Be mine, Clementine!

Thought clementines were just for Christmas? Not anymore - treat yourself to some limited edition ‘Clemenmiels’ available in-store now. These spring mandarins are late bloomers from California, and are only available for the next 4 weeks while they're in season. Sometimes called 'Gold Nuggets' for their delicious taste, at only £1 for a wooden punnet full, they're not only a bargain but a special treat for anyone craving a bit of a winter pick-me-up.

While clementines are usually associated with Christmas, they are more versatile than you might think. Combining sweet flavours with warm and zesty tones, they’re the perfect accompaniment to meat or fish, and go well with an assortment of baked treats.

Why not try them as a weekend breakfast by making your own version of our Clementine & Lemon curd? Thick and velvety, this citrus spread is luscious and goes really well with crumpets or scones.

It may not be the depths of winter, but it’s still chilly outside. Bring back some much needed comfort with something special like this Salmon & smoked pancetta in a zesty clementine sauce recipe. You can even substitute the salmon for meat such as duck if fish isn’t your thing.

For afters, try some Gluten-free clementine cake. Light, moist and scrumptious, it’ll leave you satisfied without being overly full and even goes towards your 5 a day.

Available in over 300 Asda stores now, head in-store to pick up your punnet of Clemenmiels before they run out!