Coca cola bottles in wooden bucket

See The Soft Drink Cakes That Are Taking The Internet By Storm

These Coca Cola bottles are not what they seem...

See The Soft Drink Cakes That Are Taking The Internet By Storm

Fancy a slice of Coke? Yes, that's right – thanks to Australian baker Andres Fatso you can now treat yourself to a slice of your favourite soft drink with these fizzy pop inspired cakes. Although they don’t taste like their real life counterparts, the cakes themselves look so real that even Coca Cola Australia reportedly ordered one for their 130th birthday! Impressive.

The handmade Cola Cola cakes are in fact so realistic that it's difficult to tell them apart from the real thing. That is until the knife cuts in, revealing their soft and sweet centre: 

First the baker unscrews the top before cutting into the icing layer, revealing layers of sponge where it seems like liquid should be: 

Of course the cakes don't actually taste of the fizzy flavours you would expect from Coke, Sprite and Fanta. Instead they're each made with something tasty that will give the cake the right colouring for its bottle. For example, the Coca Cola cake is made up of different types of chocolate including Nutella, the Fanta cake contains Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and if you're mad about Matcha you'll love biting into the Sprite cake. Could they sound any more delicious?

Although they're only currently available in Australia, don't worry: you can make your very own version at home with this recipe for the Coca Cola cake revealed by the Today Show Australia.


���� Soda cake���� Who cares where the cup is, buttoms up! One bottle each i said from yesterdays video post. If you have not seen the inside of this cake you should go check out that video now. just scroll back one post on my feed. Flavour profile: Sprite cake- Matcha Coca cola cake- Nutella #coke #cocacola #sprite #soda #softdrink #fastfood #cakeporn #foodporn #foodgasm #cakegasm #sydneyfoodie #foodie #sydneydessert #sydneyfood #nomnom #getinmybelly #lickyourphone #bakedbyandres #nutella #matcha #greentea #�� #chocolate Thank you @the_erik_lee for capturing the video for me and @ningjaeats for the help of the cake dissecting method :) For all orders please email For greentea matcha powder that i used for this cake please visit @zenwonders_matcha ☺️

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If you do decide to have a go at making your own, don’t forget to use #goodliving on social media to tell us how it went!