Colourful drinks in glasses

These modern twists on classic cocktails are sure to impress your guests

Celebrate happy hour at home with these fresh and fruity summer drinks

These modern twists on classic cocktails are sure to impress your guests

We don't think anyone needs an excuse to drink a cocktail – especially one that is as easily made at home as the selection listed below. So whether you're entertaining friends or the kids have gone to bed and it's just the two of you, we've got four delicious new cocktail recipes you need to try tonight.

We’ve added our own twist on the classics with ingredients such as Licor 43, an aromatic Spanish citrus liqueur… and even beer! So make your shopping list now and head to your nearest Asda on the way home so you can whip up a delicious cocoktail after dark....

Blackberry Bellini

Thread four cocktail sticks with three blackberries each and put in the freezer for at least one hour. Lightly crush 12 more fresh blackberries with 80ml Chambord. Strain and divide between four champagne flutes, then top up with chilled Extra Special Marques de Portola Cava Rosado. Garnish with the frozen blackberries and serve immediately. 

Tequila sunrise

Half-fill a tall glass with crushed ice. Add 30ml tequila, then pour on fresh smooth orange juice to 3cm from the top. Hold a spoon, curved side up, just touching the surface of the juice and the inside of the glass, then pour two tablespoons of grenadine over it slowly, so it runs down to settle at the bottom. To garnish, thread an orange slice onto a cocktail stick and top with pomegranate seeds. 

Licor 43 pineapple daiquiri

Cut three slices of fresh pineapple. Griddle or dry-fry one slice until caramelised on both sides. Cut into four pieces and set aside. Peel the other slices and blend with 100ml Licor 43, 300ml pineapple juice, juice ½ a lime and one teaspoon of sugar. Fill four tall glasses two-thirds full with crushed ice, then pour on the Licor 43 and pineapple mixture. Garnish with the pieces of charred pineapple. 

Watermelon, beer & citrus mojito

Peel and chop ¼ watermelon and put in a large jug with two sprigs of fresh mint. Lightly bash with the end of a rolling pin. Strain, then stir in 100ml white rum. Mix 330ml Schweppes Grapefruit & Blood Orange with 330ml Corona Extra lager then use to top up the glasses. Serve with lime slices, cut halfway through and twisted around watermelon balls.