Three cups of coffee on blue wooden board

The Kitchen Cupboard Staples Your Cup Of Coffee Is Crying Out For

The best part of your morning routine just got better

The Kitchen Cupboard Staples Your Cup Of Coffee Is Crying Out For

Who doesn't love a steaming hot cup of Joe in the morning? It's the ultimate morning or afternoon pick-me-up that only takes minutes to prepare. And recent studies have revealed that indulging in a cup or two of coffee per day could come with some serious health benefits, like maintaining your metabolism and possibly helping to prevent diabetes.

Purists may love their brew black but for the rest of us, adding some extra spice or creamy goodness with our coffee recipes is the perfect way to make your cup of coffee even better. Which is why we've picked our ten favourite coffee recipes that will transform your drink. Who needs expensive lattes at the coffee shop when you can make an equally delicious brew from the comfort of your own home? Take your caffeine-hit to the next level with some creative coffee recipes and delicious add-ons that you'll find in your kitchen cupboard. Here are ten tasty ways to add some coffee-shop flair your staple cup of Joe... 

1. Sweet spices

There's no need to add sugar into your coffee if you want a little sweetness. Instead, opt for a waist-whittling alternative like cinnamon or cardamom. Both spices work well in coffee and could possibly lower blood sugar and aid digestion. Simply sprinkle a few dashes into a brewed cup and enjoy your exotic-flavoured coffee!

2. Cocoa

Make that latte a mocha by adding a few teaspoons of cocoa to your coffee. Perfect for the afternoon slump, cocoa will give you that lovely chocolate hit without the extra calories. Plus, antioxidant-rich cocoa could help fight ageing. We'll drink to that! 

3. Coconut milk

Want to cut back on diary? You can still indulge in a creamy cup of coffee. Try swapping your usual milk with full-fat coconut milk. For best results, brew your cup of Joe as per usual and then pour into a blender with a few tablespoons of coconut milk. Blend for a few seconds and enjoy! 

4. Flavoured syrup

Whether you're crazy for caramel or a hazelnut hound, a few dashes of flavoured syrup will add extra oomph to your breakfast brew.

5. Vanilla extract

Another diet-friendly way to add sweetness to your coffee? Vanilla extract. Just a few drops straight into your cup will add a lovely aroma and sweetness to your beverage. For a nuttier taste, try pouring in some almond extract.

6. Cayenne pepper

Kick your usual cup of Joe up a notch with a (very) small pinch of cayenne pepper. This hot spice will add real zing to your coffee – just don't go too crazy. Too much of this potent spice can leave you with a burned mouth.

7. Ginger

If you like gingerbread then you'll love adding ginger to your coffee. Try incorporating a few slices of ginger root to coffee grounds or sprinkling some ground ginger over a ready-brewed cup. Ginger adds lovely warmth to coffee, plus helps ease digestion.

8. Ice cream

Not such a good idea for your morning cup but ice cream and coffee together make a sophisticated adults-only dessert that will be perfect for the next time you have friends round. Known in Italy as 'affogato al café', make this fabulous dessert by placing a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a bowl and then pouring over a shot of steaming hot espresso. Delicious and so simple!

9. Frothy milk

Making your very own coffee-house style latte from the comfort of your own home is easy. Simply invest in a home milk frother and you can enjoy fancy lattes and cappuccinos for a fraction of the price at your local coffee shop.  

10. Sugar alternatives

Why use plain old white sugar when you can add more depth of flavour and just as much sweetness with alternatives like honey and maple syrup? You'll get the same sweet hit but with a little more complexity. 

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