Colourful food trends and rainbow food

Colourful food trends are here to stay, research shows

What a beautiful treat for our eyes

Colourful food trends are here to stay, research shows

Nowadays, a lot of the food you see on Pinterest and Instagram looks way too good to eat. From avocado art to beautiful Buddha bowls, there’s a rainbow of incredible fruit and vegetable led plates inspiring our every day eating. 

And according to Pinterest, this colourful food trend looks like it’s going nowhere fast.

From purple beetroot houmous, orange sweet potato mash or green pea and mint purée – it seems the world is searching for new ideas to incorporate bright-coloured vegetables into our meal times. 

And thankfully, there's a variety of bright colourful recipes which do exactly that.

In the UK, a tomato tart is amongst the top trending colourful recipes on Pinterest, as are griddled sweet potato bites and rainbow buddha bowls too. 

Beetroot and pear salad, mixed berry smoothie bowl and rainbow pizza also rank highly. And it's not hard to see why, when your food looks as good as these creations. 

But despite there being a wide range of colourful fruit and veg available to us, it's the trusty green avocado which reigns supreme.

Pinterest has seen a significant increase in people saving other veggies since the beginning of this year such as beetroot (up 140%), tomato (up 250%), courgette (up 270%), and sweet potato (up 280%), but the faithful avocado has seen a whopping increase of 415%. 

Pinterest is also seeing a rise in the on-going trend of smoothies with a 400% increase in recipe ideas being saved over the past four months. From sunrise breakfast smoothies, blueberry smoothie bowl and kiwi and chia seed smoothies - they look tasty and prove an easy way to get a daily hit of your fruit and veg. 

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