Comforting beef recipes that make a brilliant dinner centrepiece

Rich, savoury and succulent, it's no wonder that beef is a British comfort food staple

Comforting beef recipes that make a brilliant dinner centrepiece

Rich in flavour and super versatile, beef has been a family dinner staple for generations.

And we can see why - with plenty of flavourful cuts readily available and classic recipes to choose between, this comfort food-staple is a Great British classic.

From slow-cooked casseroles to comforting pies and delectable ragus, we've rounded up some of our tried-and-tested favourite beef recipes.

Pepper-crusted roast beef

Arguably, the best roast beef is kept beautifully simple. This pepper-crusted roast beef joint is succulent with a warming crust of crushed black peppercorns, garlic, thyme and English mustard that really lets the beautiful joint shine. Try adding some cherry tomatoes to the roasting tin 15 mins before the end of cooking for a juicy, caramelised accompaniment that brings the flavours in this pare-back roast joint to life.

Steak and kidney pies

These traditional pies are filled with juicy steak and flavourful kidney. Kidney might seem like an outdated ingredient, but offal is a great way of eating sustainably as it guarantees nose-to-tail cooking and making the most of every part of the animal - a concept that's been important to home cooks for over 400 years. Not only that, but the kidney adds a delicious richness to these individual pies, too!

Roast beef with mustard and stilton crust 

Succulent roast beef has been a Sunday roast centrepiece for generations - and this recipe with a mustard and Stilton crust is a contemporary, imaginative take on the timeless classic. 

Savoury beef goes brilliantly with big, bold flavours (just think beef and horseradish) and this partnership is perfect. Give it a go for your next Sunday lunch!

Beef hotpot

A saucy, bubbling beef casserole topped with golden, crispy potatoes is British comfort food at its finest. It's also a great way of cooking down tougher cuts of meat until they're buttery soft, perfect for making your weekly shopping budget go further.

Bourbon-glazed beef and gravy

Succulent, savoury beef really comes to life when paired with a sticky, sweet glaze. The concentrated umami flavours of beef and stock mixed with sweet bourbon, ketchup and maple syrup in this deep South-inspired recipe are heavenly. Serve alongside some mash and greens for the ultimate Sunday-night dinner.

Rib fo beef with blackberries

Did you know that thyme and fruit are a match made in heaven?

We've given a classic, roast rib of beef a fruity twist with a delicious red wine and blackberry gravy. The tangy fruit compliments the tender, falling-apart meat in this warming, comort food recipe.

Belgian carbonade

We're not the only country to love their slow-cooked, beef-and-gravy comfort food. This delicious carbonade from Belgium is made by browning brisket with onions before slowly cooking it down with beer and stock. The finished casserole is topped with delicious, crispy croutons made with baguette slices, Dijon mustard and Gruyère cheese. Oh, go on then…


Beef bourguignon

When it comes to elegant and comforting dinner party food, it doesn't get more classic that a beef bourguignon. Silky and rich, this French beef dish is comforting and satisfying, but also elegant - perfect for when you're trying to impress.

Beef is cooked down slowly with smoked bacon, shallots, Chantenay carrots, mushrooms, thyme and plenty of red wine until dark and glossy. This surprisingly decadent casserole is perfect for Sunday lunch or a dinner party.

Have our mouthwatering beef recipes got you in the mood for some true comfort food? Make sure to stock up on everything you need online or pop into your local store.