Watermelon slices on blue wooden board

10 genius summer cooking hacks

Summer shortcuts to make your life SO much easier...

10 genius summer cooking hacks

Warmer weather is finally here, which means it's time to sit outside and soak up the sun! Whether you're relaxing by yourself in the garden or having friends round for a massive BBQ feast, these summer shortcuts are worth knowing. From a festive way to cool drinks down to the simple tomato chopping trick you'll love, these summer hacks will make your life so much easier. Get ready to make summer a breeze with these clever hacks...

How to keep insects out of your drink

Keep those annoying bugs out of your drink by putting a paper cupcake case around the glass and then securing with a rubber band around the rim. Poke a hole in the top of the case and insert a straw. Simple! 

How to cut watermelon – minus the mess!

Tucking into fresh slices of juicy watermelon is a definite summer highlight, but chopping it up can be messy. Keep those juices away from the rest of your kitchen by slicing watermelon on a chopping board on top of a baking tray. All that sticky mess will collect in the tray, making clean-up a cinch!

How to stop fish from sticking to the BBQ

Summers are meant for barbecuing, and grilled fish is one of the tastiest BBQ dishes there is. But how to stop a beautiful piece of fish from glueing itself onto the grill? With lemon slices! Simply place a few lemon slices (or other citrus fruit) on the grill and use this as a bed for the fish. No more sticking plus lots of lovely, zesty flavour! 

A fun way to keep drinks cold

Instead of loading drinks up with ice cubes, which can diffuse the flavour, try freezing grapes and other fruit on a skewer. When it’s time for an ice cold beverage (like an easy three-ingredient cocktail), use the skewer to stir and cool down your drink. Pretty and practical!

Ripen avocados in just ten minutes

It's the perfect salad filler and burger topping, but what to do when your avocados are rock hard? Here's a clever tip: wrap the fruit in aluminium foil and pop it in the oven for about ten minutes at 90 degrees. Remove from oven and transfer to the fridge to allow the avocado to cool. That's it – a soft, ready-to-eat avocado is yours! Find more tips for how to quickly ripen an avocado.

Slice cherry tomatoes quickly

Another great ingredient for salads and barbecues is juicy cherry tomatoes – but slicing them can be so time consuming. Here's how to cut lots of cherry tomatoes at once: place tomatoes on a plate, cover with another plate and carefully use your knife to slice the wedged tomatoes. Easy!

Iced coffee in an instant

When it's too hot for regular coffee, an iced caffeine hit is just the thing. But if you make yours with a cup of brew and plenty of ice then you end up with a watered down version that just doesn't taste the same as those lovely and cool coffee shop creations. Instead, freeze leftover coffee in an ice cube tray. Then when you want an iced coffee, you just add these to your brew. All the flavour, none of the fuss. 

The coolest breakfast for when you're on the go

Take a yogurt pot, pop a hole in the lid and insert an ice lolly stick. Place the yogurt in the freezer overnight and then simply peel off the lid and slide the frozen yogurt out. A cool treat that's perfect for breakfasts on the go! 

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