Cooking with kids: turkey meatballs

What will our young testers think of this take on a classic dinner?

Cooking with kids: turkey meatballs

In a new series, we challenge our food editor Gregor McMaster to come up with some delicious, nutritious recipes that kids will love.

Gregor says: 'Finding a tasty, nutritious dinner that everyone will eat can be a challenge. The key is to look for meals that are meals that are easy to make, appeal to kids and grown-ups, and introduce a bit of fun, too. This is designed to help you do just that!'

All sounds good. But how to put Gregor's recipes to the test? We asked three customers to cook up this recipe with their kids and give us their verdict. 

The Recipe

First up is this turkey meatballs recipe. Ready in 35 minutes, low in fat, sugar and salt AND one of your family's 5-a-day. What's not to love?

Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert says: 'Turkey is high in protein and low in saturated fat, which makes it a healthier choice. It contains B vitamins which are essential for helping the body convert nutrients into energy.' 


Sanaya, eight, from Brighton.

Sanya says: I enjoyed chopping the ingredients and mixing them with the mince to make the meatballs. Dad helped me to stir the sauce, but I got to do most of the work. The finished dish was delicious – I even liked the wholewheat spaghetti!

Mum Jisha says: In the week, we tend to eat quick-and-easy meals, such as spaghetti Bolognaise, and save more complicated Indian dishes for the weekend – so it was nice to try a new variation. It's great to add this to our repertoire. 

Gabriel, 11, from Kenilworth 

Gabriel says: The tomatoes and herbs gave this a great taste. Cooking it all in one pan made it easy, too. I wasn't keen on the wholewheat spaghetti, so my mum made me my usual version, but otherwise I loved this!

Dad Patrick says: These turkey meatballs are a great choice as they're healthier versions of something we know we like. Gabriel doesn't usually cook (although is very vocal about what he does and doesn't like!) so it was great to see him getting stuck in. 

Penelope, six, from Rugby 

Penelope says: I was really excited about cooking this and kept telling everyone all day that I was making tea tonight. Mummy helped me with the chopping, but once all the ingredients were in the pan, I did all the stirring. The meatballs were really yummy and I would definitely eat this again. 

Mum Rhian says: The parsley and sun-dried tomatoes gave this a really lovely flavour that appeals to adults without being too much for little ones. Penelope and her little brother Toby, two, ate it all up! 

Check back in next month for our next kid's recipe! 

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