Villagers say Corona founder didn’t leave them millions, but they still owe him a lot

The villagers didn't actually inherit any money directly

Villagers say Corona founder didn’t leave them millions, but they still owe him a lot

Reports suggesting that 80 residents of the small Spanish village of Cerezales del Condado were set to receive around £2million each from Corona founder Antonino Fernandez have been denied by the villagers. 

Antonino, who was born in the village in 1917, died in August at the age of 98 and was reported to have left £169million in his will to the residents of the small village in north-west Spain. 

That would have meant every single person receiving a windfall of around £2million. 

However, the villagers confirmed today that they hadn't inherited any money directly from Antonino's will. One resident said that the story had got "completely out of hand".


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Despite this, they said they still owed Antonino and his family a huge debt, as he did do a lot for his hometown, including building the Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia cultural centre in the village.   

He also left his millions to his large extended family (he had 12 siblings), many of whom still visit the village for several months each year, bringing prosperity to the area. 

"Many of them still visit for some months each summer, so it is great for the village and keeps it alive," Lucia Alaejos from the Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia, told Local Spain, while clarifying: "But the villagers won’t be sharing in that inheritance directly."

By the time of his death, Antonino, who emigrated to Mexico in 1949 with his wife Cinia González Díez, was believed to be a billionaire.

In 1971, he became Chairman and CEO of Grupo Modelo, the brewery which makes Corona beer. 

He helped to make Corona Mexico's most popular beer and an incredibly successful import to countries all over the world. 

He was also a philanthropist and set up organisations in León, Spain and in Puebla, Mexico, which helped find jobs for people with disabilities. 

But, while he was certainly generous, the news that he created 80 new millionaires overnight really was too good to be true. 

Still, we can dream!