Crunchy fish fingers with sweet potato chips  mushy peas

Triple Tested Teatime: Crunchy Fish Fingers

We’ve given fish and chips a healthier twist by baking instead of frying – but what will our trio of family testers make of it?

Triple Tested Teatime: Crunchy Fish Fingers

'Finding a tasty, nutritious dinner that everyone will eat can be a challenge,’ says food editor Gregor. ‘The key is to look for meals that are easy to make, appeal to kids and grown-ups, and introduce a bit of fun, too. Triple Tested Teatime is designed to help you do just that!’

You can find the recipe and method for this yummy chippy tea here. Now, let's get cooking!

Crunchy fish fingers with sweet potato chips & mushy peas




Lolly's verdict:

Lolly says: I love this dish because it’s full of food that’s good for you but it also tastes really delicious. The cod was yummy and so were the peas with spring onion. My favourite bit was coating the fish – dipping it in all the ingredients was fun.

Dad Len says: Lolly had a great time making this and we all had an even better time eating it! As a family, we’re on a mission to be healthier this year so this is something we’ll definitely make again. It was delicious.


Kyle's verdict

Kyle says: I really enjoyed doing all the prep for this recipe – it made me feel like a proper chef! The end result was yummy, especially the fish. I love chips done the normal way but I’d eat these baked ones again! My mum, Nana and brother really liked it as well.

Mum Fiona says: Kyle enjoyed cooking this – and anything that encourages him and his brother Ryan to eat more fish and veg is good in my eyes! It’s a really nice (and healthier) alternative to our usual fish and chips.


Wilf's Verdict

Wilf says: Now I know how you make fish fingers! I loved the smell of lemon in the coating when we were making them. It was great to cook this for my sister Martha, who’s one – she ate the whole lot. I give this recipe three tens out of ten!

Mum Emma says: This was so fun and easy to make, and really nice to give the kids fish fingers that weren’t from a packet. It’s great to find a new use for cous cous, too – we haven’t used it much before and now it’s all Wilf can talk about!

Rhiannon Lambert, registered nutritionist says: 'Cod is a source of vitamin B3, also known as niacin, which helps reduce tiredness and fatigue, as well as being high in protein' 


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