Dairy-free recipes that taste just like the originals

From creamy pasta to decadent cakes, these dairy-free marvels don't sacrifice on flavour

Dairy-free recipes that taste just like the originals

Whether it's a big bowl of cheesy pasta or a decadent cake covered in buttercream, it's hard to avoid dairy when it comes to our favourite comfort foods.

But have no fear, these yummy recipes taste just as good as their lactose-wielding counterparts - with none of the dairy!

From carbonara to pancakes, scroll on for our best dairy-free recipes…

Spaghetti carbonara

A carbonara traditionally consists of pasta tossed with bacon, eggs and cheese. Our dairy-free version contains neither of the latter - making it lower in fat as a result, too.

By using a coconut-based yogurt alternative as the creamy base with plenty of onion, garlic, parsley and lemon zest for flavour, this creamy pasta dish is just as comforting as the Italian classic.

Potato dauphinoise

We've given creamy potato dauphinoise a vegan makeover with this dairy-free side dish.

Oat 'milk' is naturally creamy, so makes a brilliant alternative. We've infused it with garlic and fresh thyme for savoury depth before pouring it over thinly sliced potatoes and onions and baking. Delish!

Carrot cake

Substituting the butter in a cake for three quarters of the weight in vegetable oil not only makes the cake dairy-free, but it also guarantees a beautifully moist sponge. This carrot cake recipe with dairy-free buttercream is lightly spiced, perfectly light and oh so moist.

Banana pancakes

For a tropical take on the breakfast favourite, try substituting the milk in pancake batter for yummy coconut milk. These banana and poppy seed pancakes have a lovely richness thanks to the creamy alternative.

Millionaire's shortbread pudding shots

Biscuit, caramel and chocolate ganache? Our millionaire's shortbread pudding shots may have you thinking they're packed with dairy, but think again!

We've used soya cream and sunflower spread to transform these sweet treats into a dairy-free (and vegan!) wonder.

Have our dairy-free delights left you feeling inspired? Make sure to stock up on everything you need online or pop into your local store.