Quiz: Can you guess the deconstructed food?

The ultimate hipster quiz!

Quiz: Can you guess the deconstructed food?

Along with serving your food to you on slates/wooden slabs/in flowerpots, some restaurants and chefs have been obsessed with deconstructed food in 2016. 

Some believe it's gone too far, that we've reached peak hipster. 

When you're getting your morning latte served deconstructed - with the coffee shot, milk and water all served separately - we think they have a point. 

It's basically like a build-your-own meal. 

But, how good are you at spotting the deconstructed dish? Take our quiz to find out (you'll find all the answers below). 


1. Twitter user Celeste Ng did not expect this when she ordered the salad option


2. This lady just wanted a nice classic breakfast


3. Did this speedy lunch option really need to be reinvented?


4. This Instagram user had to mix their own winter drink


5. A dessert classic gets a 2016 makeover


6. This one is a real winter warmer


7. When fast food goes hipster


8. This meaty showstopper looks genuinely tasty



  1. Caesar salad
  2. Eggs Benedict
  3. Sushi
  4. Hot chocolate
  5. Berry cheesecake
  6. Shepherd's pie
  7. McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese meal
  8. Beef wellington