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Dishes from inspirational women

This International Women's Day we're celebrating the incredible cooks we love

Dishes from inspirational women

In celebration of International Women's Day, we've rounded up some of the most delicious recipes invented by talented female chefs. We've got a recipe for every occasion.

Briony Williams

Treat yourself this International Women's Day with deliciously sweet recipes from baker and former Great British Bake Off contestant, Briony Williams. Go fruity with these Raspberry Tarts crammed with crème fraîche and topped with raspberries and chocolate mini eggs.

This showstopping bake could be just the cake you need. Covered in frosting and a silky ganache, it is simple to make and will put a smile on your dial.

For something savoury and family-friendly Briony has just the thing – Lion Filo Crinkles with Butternut Squash and Pine Nuts. Creating the lion's face with raisin eyes, an olive nose and chive whiskers is a fun flourish that adds extra charm to the tartlets.

Joudie Kalla

Chef and author, Joudie Kalla, has a moreish selection of Palestinian recipes that are tailor-made for cooking a family meal.

This vibrant dip is an eye-catching starter that's made from sweet beetroot and tangy yogurt. Make it the day before you'll be tucking in so that the colours can really develop. 

For a filling main, try this chicken and rice platter. It is packed with a fragrant mix of spices that give the dish depth and warmth. If you have vegetarians in your midst too, serve this Falafal Salad as a meat-free alternative. Served warm, the falafel is a great source of protein and compliments the fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and radishes.  

The Hang Fire Girls

Tuck away these recipes from the Hang Fire Girls for tasty barbecue treats.

Barbecue your meat with pizzazz with this lamb kebab recipe that's a different take on the barbecue favourite. The dish combines the Hawaiian flavours of ginger and pineapple with lamb for a moreish taste of summer.  

This Cola Hot Wings recipe is another take on a classic. The secret to this twist is marinating the chicken for three to five hours in the Hang Fire Girls' cola-based brine before seasoning them in a special Yardbird Rub.

Serve alongside their Sure-fire Slaw that's a fresh, crunchy and creamy side dish.

Rukmini Iyer

If you're short on time, thanks to Rukmini Iyer, your dinners don't have to be short on flavour! The writer and traybake expert has a host of simple-yet-delicious combinations that just need a roasting tin.

Hot meets cold in this salad with roasted avocado and chicken served on a bed of brown rice and spinach. It's then garnished with a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds. 

For a plant-based dinner, this vegetable dish is a winner. The carrots and parsnips pair perfectly with the quinoa and fresh rocket for a tray of goodness.

Bung it all in with this salmon traybake. The salmon cooks alongside broccoli, sugar snap peas, asparagus and peas and is then seasoned with a delicious sesame oil, honey, and soy sauce dressing. It's truly jam-packed with flavour!