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You won’t believe these cakes are real!

These geometric works of art look good enough to eat... Oh, wait.

You won’t believe these cakes are real!

Ukrainian born 27-year-old Dinara Kasko has been taking over Instagram feeds with her mesmerising and majestic cake designs.



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The flawless geometric cakes look like works of art! It’s not hard to spot that the talented pastry chef started a career in architecture and design before following her patisserie passion.

The architecture graduate even designs and produces her own three dimensional cake moulds to create perfectly geometric and mouthwatering cakes.



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On her Instagram she explains the process; first she models the moulds in '3DMAX' on her computer, then she prints the master model on a 3D printer and casts the mould from silicone.

When describing her intricately put together desserts, she writes 'it's very simple and complex at the same time'.

Since sharing her edible creations on Instagram, her videos have received millions of views and she has gained hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the world.



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On one concrete-looking geometric cake design she writes 'it looks like a concrete element, but yes, it's edible!'.

She adds 'I wanted to make a concept with different geometrical figures. The idea was to use simple geometrical figures, straight sharp lines, minimalist style, contrast lighting, one color, without any decor, inedible appearance, but at the same time very gentle and delicious inside.'

Although it may look like concrete, the unusual cake is in fact made from chocolate sponge cake, chocolate mousse, ganache, jelly and passion fruit.



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We imagine that making these cakes is no easy feat, so we hope that her stunning bakes make their way over to the UK some time soon!

In the meantime, you can try one of our cake recipes, and pick up everything you need from Asda.