Delicious dinners under 400 calories that don’t feel like diet food

Trim down your calorie intake without missing out on all your favourite comfort foods

Delicious dinners under 400 calories that don’t feel like diet food

Summer comes with a lot of indulgent foods - afternoon teas, delicious BBQ and picnic spreads, icecream... But if you want to watch your waistline during the summer months without eating salads day in day out we've put together some wonderfully fresh, comforting dinners for under 400 calories per portion. 

From hearty tray bakes to saucy stews and naughty-seeming loaded fries, check out 10 of our favourite low-calorie dinners below.

Balsamic chicken with Mediterranean veg (266 calories)

Stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes and drizzled with a honey and thyme dressing, this tasty tray bake of balsamic chicken with Mediterranean veg will get you into the summer holiday mindset. And for 266 calories a pop, you can even add a medium-sized jacket potato (93 calories) and a splodge of soured cream (29 calories) if you're feeling particularly hungry.

Spinach, ricotta & asparagus gnocchi (251 calories)

Pasta? Garlic bread? Diet?

Nope! Have your pasta and eat it with this delicious gnocchi dish decked out with creamy ricotta and crisp asparagus. What's more, at 251 calories a serving, you can even have a slice of buttery garlic bread on the side, too. Who said low-calorie meant boring?

Vegetarian ramen (320 calories)

Japanese noodles in a fragrant broth are the ultimate comfort food, and perfect chillier evenings. Our homemade vegetarian ramen with porcini, tofu and a soft-boiled egg is delicious, nourishing and filling. Now just to polish up those chopstick skills…

Salmon burgers with courgette fries (219 calories)

Get your burger fix without feeling guilty afterwards with these tasty salmon burgers spiced with garam masala and chilli. And at 219 calories for one patty and a portion of courgette fries, you don't have to miss out on a soft bun either. Now pass the ketchup!

Char siu pork ribs with spring onions (227 calories)

No need to call in a Chinese takeaway this evening, make these sticky pork ribs instead without blowing your budget or your treat allowance! This Chinese sticky marinade is sweet, fiery and delicious - serve with some brown rice (142 calories per portion) or a vibrant salad and you're onto a winner.

Ugandan vegetable rolex (365)

Just because you're watching your waistline doesn't mean you have to stick to lettuce and cucumber salads. This Ugandan wrap is the ultimate in 'fast food' - an omelette batter is fried off quickly then topped with all your favourite kebab trimmings (think plenty of crisp veg and chilli sauce) and wrapped up in a warm chapatti. Delish!

Nacho sharing wedges (315 calories)

Nachos? Yum. Fries? Yum. Nacho-style loaded fries? You've got to be kidding me…

These homemade sweet potato wedges loaded with veggie chilli, salsa and soured cream contain everything we love most. What's more, split this recipe between 4 instead of 6 for a bumper Tex-Mex feast and it still only works out at 315 calories per person.

Brazilian-style fish stew (291 calories)

Rich and saucy, there's nothing more comforting than a bowl of warm stew on an autumn evening. Our smooth and lightly spiced Brazilian fish stew achieves incredible depths of flavour in just half an hour - perfect for a quick midweek dinner. And at 291 calories per serving, you can even have a hunk of crusty, fresh baguette (a quarter of a home-baked baguette averages 90 calories) on the side to mop up all that gorgeous sauce.

Chicken & sweet potato boats (375 calories)

Loaded potato skins are a classic diner food we associate with bars and takeaway pizza sides. But cheesy, gooey potato boats don't have to cost a bomb in calories - in fact, you can have our sweet potato boats loaded with chicken, cheese and BBQ sauce for dinner tonight without breaking your 'good' streak.

Salmon and beetroot falafel (334 calories)

Raw beetroot gives these oven-baked falafel some gorgeous purple colour and sweetness. Partner with wholemeal cous cous and Omega 3-rich smoked salmon for a delicious, filling early autumn dinner under 340 calories!

Looking to opt for some lower-cal dinners this week? Make sure to stock up on everything you need to make these tasty dinners at home online or pop into your local store.