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The best doughnut recipes for every occasion

You'll adough these scrummy doughnut recipes

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The best doughnut recipes for every occasion

Doughnuts are truly a food for all occasions.

Having friends round? Need an activity to keep the kids occupied? Looking for a party game? Doughnuts are always the answer.

In honour of National Doughnut Week (12-18 May), we've rounded up our favourite doughnut recipes for every occasion, from classic jammy doughnuts (try to not lick your lips) to a healthier breakfast option - yes that's right, doughnuts for breakfast.

The perfect jam doughnut

We’ve all eaten one (or a baker’s dozen) before, but have you ever made them? An oozing, fresh jam doughnut covered in sugar is an absolute classic, and this masterclass recipe will teach you how to make the ultimate jammy-centred doughnut. Go on, get your knead on.


These long, ridged doughnuts from Spain and Portugal are best served warm with a chocolate or dulce de leche (caramel) dipping sauce. Traditionally, churros are enjoyed for breakfast alongside hot chocolate, but our version can be enjoyed at any time of day, and make a brilliant Spanish twist on afternoon tea!

Iced ring doughnuts

These colourful cartoon-esque doughnuts from Great British Bake Off season 5 contestant Martha Collison are fun to bake, and only take one hour to make plus proofing! Ice the doughnuts with whatever colours or patterns you fancy, or get the troops involved and invite everyone to ice their own for an afternoon of baking fun.


Syrup-covered bite-sized doughnuts flavoured with Greek yogurt and cinnamon that are light, airy and perfect for sharing. Pair loukoumades with some rosewater and lemon-spiked honey for a Middle Eastern taste sensation.

Apple 'doughnuts'

Trick or treat? These tasty treats may deceive you on first glance, but they’re not actually doughnuts at all! TV chef and youngest daughter of Gordon Ramsay, Tilly Ramsay's cored apple slices are topped with peanut butter or chocolate spread and sprinkled with dried fruits, nuts and yogurt-coated raisins for a tasty and wholesome treat. Perfect for kids' birthday parties and rainy day activities!

Fancy a sweet treat but don't consider yourself much of a baker? We've got plenty of fresh doughnuts in-store, including our jam, custard or chocolate-filled doughnuts, our mini ring doughnuts, and our custard and cream-filled finger doughnuts. You do-nut want to miss these!


Have our scrummy doughnut recipes got you craving a sugary pick-me-up? Why not whip up a batch yourself (or pick up some of our bakery-fresh beauties) with everything you need from, or pop into your local store.