Hot cross buns

Don’t forget to stock up on these 7 Easter essentials

Make it the best Easter yet!

By Rebecca Shepherd, 07 April 2017
Don’t forget to stock up on these 7 Easter essentials

You've got the lamb in, stocked up on mountains of chocolate and remembered to buy the tipple. So why does it feel like you've forgotten something?

It's the other essentials, like the mint sauce or gravy, which help to steal the show

When it comes to Easter everyone knows you need a showstopper main course to feed the masses and some sugary treats for the kids, but it's the other essentials, like the mint sauce or gravy, which help to steal the show.

So, to help you out this Easter we've rounded up essentials you'll need to make it the best one yet!

Don't forget the thyme

Whether you choose to add some thyme to your lamb marinade or just add a few sprigs on top of the meat - no piece of lamb would be complete without it! As part of the mint family, thyme pairs perfectly with lamb, roasties and even white fish for Good Friday.

Get the Cranberry sauce in

It's the perfect condiment for roast meat. You can pair it with roast chicken, pork or beef come Easter Sunday to add a touch of sweetness to the savoury meat dishes. Plus you can add a couple of teaspoons to gravy to give it a fruity depth of flavour.

Stockpile the Mint sauce

The ideal pairing for lamb. Need we say more? Please don't forget it!

Make sure you've got the Gravy

There's nothing worse than when you get to the cupboard and realise you haven't got enough - or any - gravy granules to pour over your Easter feast. So make sure you're well prepared this Easter. We've got a range of gravy granules including Bisto, our own Extra Special gravy or you could try making your own with this homemade gravy recipe

Remember the stuffing

Arguably the best side when it comes to roast dinners. We've got stress-free, ready-made stuffing, our Extra Special garlic and sage stuffing or our own sausage meat stuffing so there's no excuses for forgetting it!

Buy some hot cross buns

You can't beat a hot cross bun. It's the ultimate Easter treat. Whether it's toasted, loaded with butter or just eaten plain - they taste amazing for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Or this Easter, keep the kids busy and get them to make their own buns. They'll love getting involved. And if you have any left over you can use them to make a delicious dessert like this chocolate bread and butter pudding which uses slightly stale hot cross buns and leftover Easter eggs.

Back up dessert

If you've been to all the effort of creating a mammoth feast for your main, there's no reason to spend hours slaving over dessert. Pick up our Extra Special Belgian Chocolate and Salted Caramel Roulade or try our simple delicious Extra Special Baked New York Cheesecake topped with our frozen macarons. Easy. And if for whatever reason you don't get around to eating it, it will keep in the freezer.

Everybody will need a napkin

Make your meal a classy affair this Easter with our range of napkins. Choose from silver striped ones, plain red napkins or white and blue serviettes

Make sure you stock up on everything you'll need this Easter at Asda or pop into your local store