Don’t forget to stock up on these Easter essentials

Make it the best Easter yet!

Don’t forget to stock up on these Easter essentials

You've got the lamb in, stocked up on mountains of chocolate and remembered to buy a few bottles of fizz. So why does it feel like you've forgotten something?

When it comes to Easter everyone knows you need a showstopper main course and some tasty treats for the kids - but it's those little details that can take your Easter dinner to the next level.

So, to help you out this Easter we've rounded up all the essentials you'll need to make it the best one yet...

Don't run out of thyme (or rosemary)

Part of the mint family, thyme pairs perfectly with lamb, roasties and even white fish for Good Friday. Just take our tasty aromatic lamb Italiano with salsa verde for example. Stock up on some fresh rosemary, too – it's a roast dinner staple and can be added to roast meats or roast potatoes for a big punch of festive flavour.

Shop: Thyme, rosemary.

Get the Cranberry sauce in

Cranberry sauce is the most versatile condiment as it pairs well with roast chicken, pork or beef. So whatever you're rustling up this Easter weekend - be sure not to forget a jar of trusty cranberry. If you'd rather make your own, look no further than this tasty recipe which can be ready in just a few minutes. 

Shop: Cranberry sauce.

Stockpile the Mint sauce

The ultimate partner in crime for lamb. Need we say more? Try serving this condiment up with our herb-roast leg of lamb.

Shop: Mint sauce.

Make sure you've got the Gravy

A proper roast dinner would not be complete without a generous spoon or two of gravy. We have a range of gravy granules in store - which you can knock up easily with a bit of hot water - our own rich and sumptuous Extra Special gravy which just needs heating up in the microwave, or you could try making your own using the juices from your meat - simply follow our easy homemade gravy recipe

Shop: Gravy granules, Extra Special chicken gravy.

Remember the stuffing

Stuffing is a fundamental component of the roast dinner, yet often gets forgotten when your mind becomes preoccupied with the fresh veg sides. We've got stress-free Extra Special garlic and sage stuffing which can be served with any roast, and only requires heating in the oven. Or, if you're looking for a real Easter Day centrepiece, then you'll love our roast lamb with fruity apricot stuffing

Shop: Extra Special Roasted Garlic Sage and Red Onion Stuffing Mix.

Buy some hot cross buns

You can't beat a hot cross bun. Whether it's toasted and loaded with butter or just eaten fresh from the packet - there's no arguing that they are an absolute Easter teatime essential. Whether you prefer them lightly spiced or fancy trying a chocolate, fudge or apple and cinnamon bun, it's hard to go wrong. And if you have a few leftover, don't fear – there's always this hot cross bun bread and butter pudding!

Shop: Extra Special Extra Fruity Hot Cross Buns.

Back up dessert

If you've gone to all the effort of creating a mammoth feast for your main, there's no reason to spend hours slaving over dessert. Pick up a carton of good vanilla ice cream, and whip up a quick chocolate sauce to drizzle over the top (perfect for using up leftover Easter chocolate). From chocolate tortes to crumbles and cheesecakes, we have plenty of readymade desserts in store, too.

Shop: Extra Special Millionaires' DessertExtra Special All-Butter Summer Berry Tart.

Make sure you stock up on everything you'll need this Easter at Asda or pop into your local store