Nutty avocado and chocolate brownies

10 easy brownie recipes

From classic gooey brownies to savoury beetroot and hints of chilli - there's a brownie for everyone

10 easy brownie recipes

If you're after a sweet, indulgent and heavenly treat look no further than the humble brownie. The chocolatey squares of greatness are there to pick us up on our bad days and help celebrate on our better days.

And nowadays there are hundreds of different brownie flavour combinations to try. From red wine brownies to chilli brownies and even beetroot brownies, bakers around the world have been experimenting with the much loved brownie base for years.

If you're on the lookout for a quick fix bake, head over to our baking aisle and pick up our bake in the box Chocolate Brownie Mix. All you need to do is add water. But if you want to try your hand at baking an incredible brownie from scratch, why not give one of our recipes below a try...

The ultimate chocolate brownie

Everybody can appreciate a brownie which has an indulgent and gorgeously gooey chocolate centre. In this recipe, the perfect ratio of chocolate to egg, combined with the water bath method of cooling, gives you a massive chocolate hit plus a deliciously gooey middle. Thus earning this tempting creation the well-deserved title of the ultimate chocolate brownie. Take a bow!

Chocolate beetroot brownies

Not only are beetroot brownies so unbelievably moist, they're dairy-free too meaning they're a perfect treat for any friends, visitors or family who are lactose-free. The beetroot adds a delicious texture and earthiness to these sweet treats.

Chilli brownies

Do you love food with a bit of a kick? Then you'll love these chilli brownies, which have a wonderfully rich, yet subtle warmth with each bite you take.

Raspberry chocolate brownies 

Raspberries and dark chocolate complement each other perfectly. The juicy red berries pop in your mouth and hit you with a bit of sweetness, which is just what you want when you're devouring this rich and gooey brownie.

Nutty avocado brownies

Thought avocados could only work their magic in a salad? Think again. In this recipe, the avocado brownie is rich and creamy without the need for butter. 

Raspberry cheesecake brownies

This easy-to-make cheesecake brownie uses our Chosen by You Great To Bake Chocolate Brownie Mix, so all the hard work is done for you. Simply make up the brownie mix according to packet instructions, then beat the cheese, sugar, flour, vanilla and egg together in a separate bowl until smooth and creamy. Combine the two mixtures and let the oven work its magic! If you want to make a pretty swirl effect in the top, take a thin skewer and gently swirl a pattern in the top before baking. 

Terry's chocolate orange brownies

Segments of Terry's Chocolate Orange always make everything a little bit better, including a rather crumbly chocolate brownie. We've topped ours with mini Terry's Chocolate Orange pieces but you could always opt for the normal-sized ones and actually put them in the brownie mixture so they come out melting. 

Chocolate & mint brownies

Aren't chocolate and mint a match made in heaven? In this offering, the rich, intense chocolate pairs so deliciously well as with each bite you get a taste of the cooling refreshing mint. 

Chocolate, nut & prune brownies

If you're looking to add a bit more crunch into your brownie, try adding some chopped nuts. Cocoa gives these brownies an intense rich chocolate flavour and is cheaper than using chocolate. And the prunes will give an extra dose of squidginess. 

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