Easy chicken dinner recipes

Brighten up your weeknight menu with these simple poultry recipes

Easy chicken dinner recipes

One of the (many) great things about chicken is how very versatile it is. Throw it in a curry, pie or stir-fry, or stuff it with garlic and herb butter. Or, just serve it simply roasted, with a crispy skin. It's hard to go far wrong with chicken for dinner.

If your family love chicken breasts, thighs and drumsticks but are getting bored of the same ways of serving them, fear not! We have picked some classic chicken meals that are simple to make, are super tasty and will help mix up your weekly menu.

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

crumbed chicken with butternut squash waffles 

Chicken and waffles – does it get any better than that on a weeknight? This dish is pretty simple to prepare, thanks to the butternut squash waffles, which are ready to pop in the oven. A crunchy veg salad replaces coleslaw in this American-inspired dish.

quick chicken katsu curry with salad

Crispy chicken, sticky rice and spicy sauce – how we love a good katsu curry. This is a surprisingly easy dish to create at home, especially when you use pre-breaded chicken fillets. A crunchy, citrussy veg salad is the perfect accompaniment. 


chicken and leek pie

Can you have a chicken recipe round-up without including most people's favourite pie? We think not. For those days when you have a bit of time to cook, and you're craving something ultra-comforting, it has to be buttery chicken and leek pie, served with mash and greens.

chicken fajitas

This slow cooker chicken fajita recipe is great for those days when you don't have time to be glued to the stove. After frying off the chicken, throw it in the slow cooker along with beans and plenty of seasoning. Tender and ultra-tasty, all you'll need to add is those optional extras like sour cream, salsa and guacamole.

chicken tikka masala

This popular curry wouldn't be the same sans chicken. Mild, creamy, and incredibly tasty, simply serve with fluffy rice, poppadoms and crunchy pickled veg.

oriental noodle chicken

For a lighter dish with lots of veg, try this Oriental noodle chicken stir-fry dish. Fresh red chilli, crunchy mangetout, chunks of manngo and rice noodles work perfectly with strips of seasoned chicken breasts. Yum.

Chicken satay skewers

These tasty chicken skewers make a tasty nibble, appetiser or main served with rice or salad – just throw some chopped peanuts and spring onions over the chicken after grilling. A separate sauce means that you can go as peanutty as you like.

chicken kiev 

Chicken Kiev was probably one of your favourite meals as a kid, but did you ever have it homemade? Thought to be Russian in origin, this seriously delicious dish involves stuffing chicken breasts with herby garlic butter, before rolling them in flour, egg and breadcrumbs. Oven cook for around 30 minutes, and serve with potatoes or salad.

Jamaican jerk chicken salad

Forget sad, wilted leaves – these big, bold combos deliver main-meal salads the family will love. For a more grown-up Caribbean flavour, add a dash of rum to the chicken with the jerk seasoning

classic roast chicken

Roast chicken can be as simple or complicated as you want it – by all means tinker with spices and marinades, but sometimes it's just best cooked with a smidge of oil or butter and generous sprinkling of salt and pepper, with a big salad or roasted veg.

Sticky grilled ginger chicken with carrot salad

This colourful chicken salad is a succulent treat for the tastebuds. Make it with tender Butcher’s Selection British Chicken Thighs as the meat has more flavour than breast – and is considerably cheaper. They’re also available in larger packs, which is ideal for doubling up recipes so you can freeze some for later.

Zesty chicken burger

Great for adults and kids - the lemony-fresh spin on the classic chicken burger is easy for little ones to make at home too. Serve with sweet potato fries and salad.

Chicken wings with blue cheese dressing

Crispy, spicy chicken wings teamed with this blue cheese dip are a killer combo - perfect for a light dinner or to serve for friends on a Friday night.

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