The Best Three Ingredient Cocktails

PLUS delicious canapés to serve alongside - entertaining has never been easier!

The Best Three Ingredient Cocktails

Think making showstopping cocktails requires lots of ingredients and fancy bar tools? Think again! Turns out you don’t need a fully stocked bar to whip up some seriously impressive tipples. These quick and easy cocktails clock in just three ingredients (or less)! Even with few ingredients, it’s totally possible to create something that’s both delicious and complex. In fact some of the most famous and popular cocktails are actually the easiest to make - even Mr. Bond’s famous martini only requires three ingredients - although you will need a shaker to serve it (it’s shaken after all, not stirred). 

Whether you’re having friends round or just want a nice drink for yourself to unwind with, creating a cocktail adds a lovely sense of occasion. But it needn’t be difficult! The best part about these easy cocktails (apart from the delicious flavour, of course) is that they’ll be easy to create again and again - you probably already have the ingredients at home and it shouldn’t be too difficult to remember the recipe! To go along with these tasty tipples, serve up some equally impressive (and just as easy to make) canapés. Who said entertaining had to be time-consuming? Your home might just become your friends' new favourite bar. Cheers! 

Mint Julep

To make this popular American cocktail, place a small handfull of fresh mint leaves in the bottom of a large tumbler glass, add roughly one teaspoon sugar and gently muddle together. Fill the glass with ice and add approximately two shot glasses of Kentucky bourbon. Stir and top with more fresh mint and enjoy!

Serve with: This summery cocktail is so refreshing and the heavy mint flavour means it pairs beautifully with strong cheeses like in this caramelised onion and blue cheese tart recipe. Or for a casual garden get together, line the Mint Juleps up on a table next to a bucket of crispy chicken – American food at its best! 

The ultimate martini

This classic cocktail only requires gin, dry vermouth and an olive to garnish. Serve this ultimate martini shaked, not stirred for a James Bond-inspired tipple. 

Serve with: A sophisticated cocktail deserves a sophisticated snack, and Asda's Extra Special smoked salmon infused with single malt whiskey, £3, served on crusty bread works brilliantly. Add a thin layer of soft cheese on the bread before layering over the salmon for a tasty snack. 

Whiskey ginger

This warming cocktail doesn't even need three ingredients, just two! Fill a tall glass with one shot of whisky (try Jack Daniel's or a rye whisky), then top with ginger ale to taste. Add ice if desired. Simple! 

Serve with: Whisky and ginger can be a sweet combo - bring out the caramel flavours in the drink and balance out the sweetness with this sugar-spiced nuts recipe.

Cucumber & Elderflower gin cooler

This refreshing tipple is made with juniper-infused dry gin, sweet elderflower cordial and fresh cucumber  - all blended with ice for a seriously tasty cocktail. Get the cucumber & elderfower gin cooler recipe here. 

Serve with: Pair with veggie-filled samosas -  fried, spicy food works really well with gin's refreshing taste. Add a cucumber dip to complement both the cocktail and the canapés. 

Summer shandy

Don't forget about the beer lovers! The classic recipe simply calls for lemonade and beer, in near equal proportions or according to taste. But there's plenty of room to get creative with this mellow drink - try substituting the lemon drink for grapefruit juice (add a little sugar syrup to counteract the bitterness), or watermelon juice. Garnish with fresh fruit and enjoy! 

Serve with: Salty treats like these crispy cauliflower & parmesan snack bites pair perfectly with beer. 

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