Easy meals under 250 calories

Filling, wholesome, low calorie - and not a salad in sight!

Easy meals under 250 calories

Summer's finally on its way - and while we can't wait for the daylit evenings and good times ahead, many of us are also feeling a little more self-conscious than we'd like in our summer-friendly clothes right now…

But have no fear; trimming down your waistline in time for the sunny months is easy with a few smart swaps and a little meal planning. That's why we've rounded up some of our favourite wholesome meal ideas that will leave you feeling full, all for under 250 calories a portion.

From comforting dumplings to fragrent Thai curry, check out our top low-cal marvels below.

cheese dumpling ratatouille bake

This Mediterranean-style veg-packed dish is naturally low in calories! Full of sun-ripened flavours and finished with no-fuss dumplings for a quick comfort dish, coming in at 147 calories per serving - what's not to love?

Glazed cod loin with butternut squash

Delicious, flaky fish is a great option when watching your calorie intake, and this tasty glazed cod dish is totally jam-packed with flavour. A sweet and savoury marinade of honey, lime and mustard means this satisfying fish dish is not only super simple to prepare, but packs some serious flavour for just 219 calories altogether.

cottage cheese and ham frittata

This fuss-free mid-week winner is packed with delicious flavours and textures! Sneakily hadd in some veg and pop it in the over to bake, for a naturally for a lower-fat option - a simple supper for just 182 calories a serving.

cod thai green curry with cauliflower rice

This vibrant and oh-so-delicious recipe is the definition of 'curry in a hurry'! Using frozen ingredients, this impressive Thai dish is ready in 45 minutes and only comes in at 233 calories per portion - did we mention it includes 2 of your 5-a-day too?

hot and sour beef broth

Tender strips of steak and chunks of squash are teamed with fiery Thai spice and the sour and sharp flavours of lime in this warming bowlful, with a total of 220 calories per portion. If you like spice, try topping with extra Tabasco or a little Sriracha for added fire!

Have our low-cal meal ideas left you feeling inspired? Make sure to stock up on everything you need to rustle them up at home, either online or pop into your local store.