Easy meals under 300 calories

Filling, wholesome, low calorie - and not a salad in sight!

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Easy meals under 300 calories

Summer's finally on its way - and while we can't wait for the daylit evenings and good times ahead, many of us are also feeling a little more self-conscious than we'd like in our summer-friendly clothes right now…

But have no fear; trimming down your waistline in time for the sunny months is easy with a few smart swaps and a little meal planning. That's why we've rounded up some of our favourite wholesome meal ideas that will leave you feeling full, all for under 300 calories a portion.

From comforting gnocchi to juicy Mediterranean chicken, check out our top low-cal marvels below.

Glazed cod loin with butternut squash

Delicious, flaky fish is a great option when watching your calorie intake, and this tasty glazed cod dish is totally jam-packed with flavour. A sweet and savoury marinade of honey, lime and mustard means this satisfying fish dish is not only super simple to prepare, but packs some serious flavour for just 219 calories altogether.

Spinach, ricotta and asparagus gnocchi

Comforting gnocchi is a great option when you just want a big bowl of something saucy and delicious. And this spinach, ricotta and asparagus number is bursting with summertime flavours and fresh veg - all for just 251 calories a serving.

Lentil Bolognese with courgetti

Looking to reduce the calorie content of your favourite dinners? Try swapping beef and lamb mince for lentils. This lentil Bolognese recipe doesn't compromise on flavour; and when you partner it with courgetti instead of wheat pasta, you can keep the calorie count at just 261 calories a head!

Shakshuka made simple

Packed with wholesome veg, perfectly set eggs and a smoky tomato sauce, this Middle Eastern lunch has all the components you need to keep you locked up until dinnertime. And at 176 calories per serving, you can add some crusty bread to soak up all that rich sauce too.

Baked balsamic chicken and Mediterranean veg

Stuffed chicken breasts are a brilliant, low-calorie option. This Mediterranean-inspired version with sun-dried tomatoes, basil and chunky veg is colourful and flavoursome thanks to the sticky glaze, all for just 266 calories per serving.

Brazilian-style fish stew

This rich and aromatic Brazilian-style fish stew is flavoured with lime, coconut, cumin and paprika - a classic South American combination that's sure to leave you feeling satisfied for just 291 calories per portion.

Have our low-cal meal ideas left you feeling inspired? Make sure to stock up on everything you need to rustle them up at home, either online or pop into your local store.