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8 ways with peaches you’ll love

From club sandwiches to frangipane tart and summer cobbler - now is the time to eat peaches!

8 ways with peaches you’ll love

Whether you're making a sweet dessert or a savoury summer salad, make peach your go-to ingredient this summer. 

You could make a tasty peach cobbler with fresh cream, layer peach on a pizza with prosciutto and a balsamic glaze or even make a sweet peach curd. There are so many way you can enjoy the juicy fruit.

Take a look at all our peachy recipes... 

Peach Melba Semi-Freddo

Semifreddo (which translates as “half-cold" in Italian) is a heavenly dessert that’s best described as a mix between mousse and ice cream. Dishing up a fancy pud has never been easier with this retro classic. It can be made without an ice cream maker and is perfect for an evening with friends; just make sure you leave enough time for it to chill.



Sweet, juicy and in season - peaches are the perfect topping to add to your morning toast. This totally tropical topping, together with passion fruit and crème fraîche, is wonderful on buttery brioche and goes well with a hot cuppa too. 

Peach, ricotta and almond tart

The finishing touch to any Sunday lunch, is this gorgeous peach tart. Serve it hot or cold with a good dollop of ice cream or pouring cream.


Three slices of bread make a more substantial sarnie and allow perfect layering of flavours of this tasty peach, portobello and avocado club. It comes with velvety avocado, creamy mayo, mushrooms and peaches, which help to balance the richer ingredients. Welcome to the club.

Easy and delicious peach cobbler recipe 

It’s the deliciously squidgy scone topping that makes this fruity peach dessert such a delight. It couldn't be easier to make and looks pretty as a picture when it comes out the oven. If you don't have all the ingredients for the scone topping, try a simple crumble topping instead made with flour, butter and sugar. Simples.

Peach green veggie salad

Sweet peaches, salty halloumi and asparagus star in this UK-meets-the-Med fusion dish. And because all this beauty can be achieved in under half an hour, it makes the perfect lunch or tasty after work dinner.


The peach adds a sweet twist to the traditional lemon curd. You can spread the peach curd on your toast, use in peach tarts or spread over a simple sponge cake.


Zingy peach salsa

What is no BBQ complete without? A mildly spiced salsa with plenty of zing. Serve it with some toasted pitta bread or spoon it on your plate to compliment a smoky, grilled cut of meat. 

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