Tasty dinner ideas packed with peppers

It's time to use up those deflated peppers lurking in the salad drawer

Tasty dinner ideas packed with peppers

Peppers: a salad drawer staple that work in everything from cous cous and quiches to curries and soups.

Yet despite their versatility, somehow the remains of that bag of mixed peppers you bought last week always seems to wilt and wither before you’ve had a chance to use them up.

To help you make the most of your peppers and reduce food waste, we’ve rounded up our favourite dinnertime recipes that benefit from a good helping of sweet, sweet peppers.

From Thai curry to a cheat’s pizza, check them out below.

pepper and red onion stuffed crust tortilla pizza

Homemade pizza doesn’t always mean weighing up ingredients, hours of kneading and a big clean-up to deal with after. For a relatively mess-free alternative, opt for a tortilla base instead to instantly minimise time needed in the kitchen.

Softened peppers and sweet and sticky caramelised red onions make up the hearty, saucy base in this cheat’s pizza, while goat’s cheese packs a hefty punch of flavour that takes this easy tea-time fave from nursery food to grown-up supper.

Roasted red pepper and crab soup

When roasted, sweet red peppers take on a whole new level of deep, caramelised flavour. This roasted pepper and crab soup is a great way of using up peppers that are getting a bit wrinkly.

Simply roast the peppers along with some garlic and spring onions then blend down with stock or water and top with crab meat. A delicious dinner party starter or summer weekend lunch.

Thai salmon and pepper curry

Why not use up baked salmon leftovers and old peppers all in one? This aromatic and creamy Thai curry has it all: sweet peppers, flaky salmon and a creamy, spicy sauce that you won't be able to resist dipping naan or rotis into. All you need to give your leftovers a new lease of life is a few store cupboarrd essentials like coconut milk and Thai red curry paste

Pasta with spicy pepper sauce

Who said tomatoes are allowed to have all the fun when it comes to pasta sauce?

Charring your peppers to smithereens may sound like a fire hazard rather than a kitchen tip, but that sweet flesh will take on a whole new lease of life once it's been de-skinned and left to cool. We love frying charred peppers off with garlic and chilli for a sweet and sumptuous sauce that'll coat your spaghetti or fusilli to perfection. A simple and satisfying Mediterranean dinner with minimal ingredients. Who can argue with that?

Miguel Barclay’s chicken fajitas

Fajitas are a great way to use up all sorts of odds and ends hanging out in the salad drawer. Simply cut everything into similar sized batons and flash-fry with spices before piling into wraps with salad, sour cream and cheese.

Miguel Barclay’s take on the Mexican classic combines diced chicken thighs with green peppers and cherry tomatoes all swaddled in a homemade tortilla wrap. This hot, flavoursome and comforting dinner option is sure to go down a storm with little ones and adults alike.

Have our pepped up pepper recipes got you in the mood for something colourful for tea tonight? Make sure to stock up on everything you need online or pop into your local store.