Easy salad dressings for every occasion

Whether you’re after the perfect vegan caesar or something a little fruitier, we’ve got you covered with a range of tasty dressings

Easy salad dressings for every occasion

Salads are a staple of many health kicks, but sometimes it's tough to keep thinking of ways to mix things up. Luckily, switch up the dressing, and you can completely transform your salad dish.

With a range of dishes on rotation, you can keep your salads interesting and delicious for the months to come. 

These six dressings are quick, easy and delicious – just what is needed for mouthwatering salads meal-in, meal-out. We think they all go perfectly with this courgette and carrot salad, too. 

Avocado and yogurt

Instead of having an avocado chopped up in your salad or mashed as a guacamole side, mix it up and transform the popular fruit into a creamy dressing to go on top of it! Blend an avocado and mix with lime juice, coriander, basil and Greek yogurt for a smooth and nutritious dressing to drench your next salad with.

Vegan lemon and herb

If you like your salads with a fruity and herby twist, try this vegan dressing. Fresh lemon juice contrasts with oregano, thyme, chives and chilli flakes for a sauce that gives you a wonderfully seasoned salad.  Simply whisk everything together with white wine vinegar, Dijon mustard and olive oil to bring the dressing together and you're good to drizzle!

Vegan Caesar

Not eating dairy and meat doesn’t have to mean you can't enjoy a good old fashioned Caesar salad! This is just the dressing if you’re plant-based and hankering after the classic salad. With a vegan mayonnaise base, capers replace the anchovies that are traditionally used to give the dressing its iconic flavour. 

Ranch dressing

Our take on an American classic is made with lighter mayonnaise and reduced-fat soured cream but still has all the herby and creamy goodness that makes it such a popular salad accompaniment. The whole dressing will be ready to tuck into in a matter of minutes as all you have to do is whisk the ingredients together and pour. 

Blue cheese dressing

This super-tasty dressing is one for the cheese lovers! With just six ingredients, it's simple to make, and the blue cheese adds depth to any salad you pair with it with. You can also use this one as a dip for nibbles such as carrots, cucumber and crisps if you're looking to mix things up or impress guests at dinner. 

French dressing

Shake it all up to make this traditional salad dressing! All you have to do is combine the ingredients in a jar, screw the lid on tightly and mix. The dreamy combination of honey and mustard are what makes this French dressing such a moreish go-to for salads of all shapes and salad leaves. It will keep for up to a week too so is ideal if you're making ahead.

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