Sick of Slaving Over the Stove? Slow Cook Your Meals for the Week

Prepare your ingredients and relax, let your slow cooker do the hard work for you.

By Tiffany Loh, 12 January 2016
Sick of Slaving Over the Stove? Slow Cook Your Meals for the Week

Meal planning can be tricky and finding the time to cook planned meals can be even harder.

Save yourself the time and stress by trying your hand at using every busy person’s favourite kitchen appliance, the slow cooker.

Slow cooked meals are fantastically fuss-free and they’re super-delicious. Cooking hearty stews and marinated meats that fall off the bone while you sleep, ferry the kids around or are hard at work – what’s not to love?

Discover seven of our favourite slow cooker recipes, because we know you’ll want one for each day of the week.


Best for Warming the Heart: Beef Stew

This easy-to-make recipe takes just over seven to ten hours to transform a medley of beef, onion, carrots and swedes into a comforting stew. Leave your slow cooker while you sleep and awake to the hearty flavours.

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Best for Feeding the Family: Catalan-style Chicken

A brilliant alternative to the traditional roast chicken, this slow-cooked chook bursts with refreshing flavours such as saffron, garlic, tomato and bay leaf. A splash of fino sherry will be cooked off over five-odd hours making this recipe safe for youngsters.

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Best for Impressing at a Party: Pulled Pork

Texan-style pulled pork can be seen on the menus of Michelin-starred restaurant to hip food trucks around the world. Serve this dish with sides of mash and coleslaw at your next dinner party to win over all your guests, from your snootiest aunt to your too-cool nephew.

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Best for Bringing a Spice of Life: Chicken with Lemon and Olives

Let this North African-inspired recipe add excitement to your weeknight dinners. Sweet, spicy and zesty, this is aromatic rollercoaster will not disappoint. Plus, the sides of broccoli and couscous are perfect for soaking up the ginger, turmeric and cinnamon-infused sauce. Yum!

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Best for a Healthy Balance: Hungarian Goulash

One of Hungary’s most popular dishes is this spicy stew made from beef, onions, chilli, colourful peppers and sour cream. Hitting all your food group targets, there’s a reason that this meal has been a staple for Hungarians since the ninth-century.

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Best for a Tender Twist: Lamb Shanks with Orange and Mint

This citrus and minty combo puts a new spin on a hearty favourite. Add redcurrant jelly, tomato puree, orange zest and juice to the stock concoction to make the whole family go gaga.

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Best for a No-Fuss Fun Night In: Beef in Oyster Sauce

Quiet nights in don’t have to mean greasy pizzas on the couch. Enjoy a dose of culture in the comfort of your own home with this healthy Chinese classic. It takes just over eight hours to get table-ready so no need to rush back home for it – although it’s so delicious you’ll probably want to!

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