Easter rabbit cookies

12 of the best edible Easter bunnies

They look almost, too good to eat

12 of the best edible Easter bunnies

Easter is nearly here, bringing with it two bank holidays and an abundance of all things delicious.

When it comes to this time of the year, there's just one thing we just can't get enough of - BUNNIES!

And when it comes to this time of the year, there's just one thing we just can't get enough of - BUNNIES!

From bunny-shaped crumpets, piñatas and chocolate covered bunnies too, the cute little rabbits seem to be hopping up everywhere.

So if you're in the market for an over the top and extravagant edible bunny offering this Easter, we've got just the thing...

Hoppy shopping!

Piñata surprise bunny cake

Just look at this cute little bunny burrowing a hole inside a chocolate and vanilla sponge cake (available in store). It looks almost too good to eat!

Bunny crumpets

Why not celebrate Easter in style by waking up to these bunny crumpets? You could have them with butter, jam or push the boat out and knock up some scrambled eggs. Who knew crumpets could be cute?

Smarties Bunny

A milk chocolate bunny which is filled with mini Smarties inside - the kids would love receiving this on Easter Day! Or you could hide it as the ultimate prize in the Easter egg hunt...

The Bunny Cake To Beat All Others

With creamy butter icing, fluffy marshmallow bunnies and crunchy ice cream cone warrens, this showstopping cake is surprisingly easy to make.

Burrowing bunnies

As adorable as they are tasty, kids will love helping you bake these burrowing bunny biscuits. Marshmallows are used for tails and sprinkles make the pads. Too cute to eat? We think not.

Kinder Surprise bunny egg

When you were younger, was there anything better than unwrapping a Kinder Surprise, eating the yummy chocolatey outside and then playing with the toy? Nope. Treat your little ones to the same joy you had, with this bunny-shaped Kinder Surprise

Maynards Bassetts Jelly Bunnies

When you’re in the need of something sweet, which isn't chocolate, there’s always these fruit flavoured Jelly Bunnies. Perfect for sharing - or not sharing!

Bunny fairy cakes

Kids will be hopping mad for these cute cakes. They can decorate their bunny families with any sweets they fancy, so get creative! 

Bunny baking tin

Or you could try making a big bunny-shaped sponge cake with our rabbit-shaped baking tin. Ice with butter cream and use mini marshmallows to colour in the ears, eyes and nose.

Lindt Milk Chocolate Gold Bunny

Perhaps one of the most iconic symbols of Easter? These Lindt milk chocolate bunnies are sure to go down a treat. And they're definitely not just for children.

Easter Bunny Brioche

Kids and adults will be amazed once they see and taste these baked beauties. They are most delicious when eaten fresh from the oven - serve with jam.

Bella the white chocolate bunny

Any white chocolate lovers out there? If so, our white chocolate bunny called Bella was made for you! Hollow on the inside, this bunny comes topped with dark chocolate and edible coloured decorations.

Maltesers MaltEaster Chocolate Bunny

No actual Maltesers were hurt during the making of this bunny!

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