Exotic fruits desserts to set your tastebuds tingling

Tart and fresh, exotic fruits are perfect for balancing creamy puddings and desserts

Exotic fruits desserts to set your tastebuds tingling

Explore fresh new tastes and inject colour onto your plate with these easy-to-make sweet treats. 

From tropical tarts to creamy mousses and elegant takes on classic desserts, we've got something for everyone.

Sharon fruit galette

Delicious Sharon fruit taste like a mix of tropical fruit and squashes. Also known as persimmon, you can eat this tasty tropical offering in the same way as a plum. Sharon fruit also work particularly well in salads and pies, sweet and savoury thanks to its balance of sweetness and tartness.

This Sharon fruit galette is a tropical take on the classic French fruit pie. Sliced Sharon fruits are baked in a shortcrust pastry case along with aromatic cinnamon and apricot jam, which bubbles and caramelises over the fruit as it bakes. Delicious!

Pomegranate and pineapple no-bake cheesecake

One of the most beautiful exotic fruits, pomegranates are bejewelled with edible, ruby-red seeds. Great in both sweet and savoury dishes, the seeds are a source of fibre and are rich in vitamin K, which contributes to bone maintenance.

Pomegranate's natural tartness works well to cut through creamy desserts - just like in this pomegranate and pineapple no-bake cheesecake. Caramelised cooked pineapple and fresh pomegranate seeds are a match made in heaven.

Papaya and lychee rice pudding

When ripe, papaya - also know as pawpaw - has an edible orange flesh that's beautifully sweet and fragrant and not unlike a peach. It's high in vitamin C, which helps to maintain healthy skin, teeth and bones. Try papaya in salsa or salads.

Sweet papaya combines with tart lychees for a tropical take on rice pudding in this creamy dessert. Thickened with coconut milk and sprinkled with pistachio brittle, this elegant and fragrant take on classic comfort food is sweet and delicious.

Mango and raspberry tart

Juicy and bursting with flavour, mangoes are tropical stone fruit with an orange flesh that's wonderfully sweet and fragrant. Rich in vitamin C, they are delicious in trifles and add fresh tang to curries.

We love the way mango adds an almost floral sweetness to this mango and raspberry tart. Tangy raspberries and silky mango combines with the sweetness of vanilla, white chocolate and whipped cream for the ultimate symphony of sweet flavours and textures.

Kiwi eton mess

Also known as Chinese gooseberries, kiwis are firm and tart with an eye-catching green edible flesh. This tartness means they work brilliantly in rich and creamy desserts, such as this Eton mess recipe. Rich yogurt, crumbled meringues and kiwis combine for a refreshing yet indulgent summer pud. Top with a drizzle of mango and lime coulis to amp up the mouth-watering tropical flavours.

Pomegranate panna cotta

Fresh exotic fruits are perfect for balancing rich or creamy sweet dishes, and tart pomegranate with its jewel-like tone and juicy sweetness works wonders in this silky panna cotta recipe. What's more, this elegant pud is lower in sugar than your classic panna cotta, too. Stunning, delicious and guilt-free!

White chocolate mousse with passion fruit

Creamy and refined, these dainty pots of white chocolate mousse are the perfect end to a dinner party menu. And, thanks to the refreshing hit of passion fruit, they're a fantastic palate-cleanser. Serve with a sprinkle of macadamia nut brittle to amp up this dessert's elegance - don't worry, it's surprisingly easy to accomplish at home.

Have ur sweet treats got your craving a taste of the tropics? Make sure to stock up on everything you need online or pop into your local store.