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Expert wine pairings for your BBQ feast

From marinated spatchcock chicken to juicy veggie kebabs, check out our expert-chosen wine pairings for your BBQ banquet

Expert wine pairings for your BBQ feast

When it comes to prepping a BBQ feast, drinks tend to fall by the wayside as you focus on making sure your meat is marinating, your sides are scrummy and your garden's looking fresh.

But, according to wine expert and Asda's wine buyer April Rogers, all those delicious dishes you've spent hours prepping for the grill can be lifted with a perfectly paired wine to to make the flavours really shine.

April says: "When pairing wines with BBQ food, it's best to match the strong, smoky characteristics to bigger, bolder styles of wines. Think ribs, sausages and steak with wines such as Shiraz, Pinotage or Malbec.
"If you’re BBQing seafood or veggies then match with wines such Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio or even a pale, dry style Rosé."

Check out April's best wine pairings for BBQ classic cuts and dishes below, from the perfect pinotage pairing for BBQ ribs, to a Shiraz that's the perfect wingman for your chicken.

Best for: Spatchcock chicken

Extra Special Marques del Norte Rioja Blanco

"This crisp white with citrus and fresh apple flavours has enough body to handle barbecued meat. It has a rounded mouthfeel with lasting flavours on the finish that compliment classic chicken marinates like thyme and citrus."

Try with: Spatchcock chicken with Cointreau and clementines

Best for: Beef brisket

Extra Special Valpolicella Ripasso

“Heralding from the Valpolicella area in the north-eat of Italy, this traditional red wine takes its name from the ‘ripasso’ technique where the skins of semi-dried grapes are added to the blend, stimulating further fermentation which increases the alcohol and flavours and results in a deeper, richer and more full-bodied wine. 

"This bottle won’t shy away from rich, deep flavours and contrasting alcohols, such as a whiskey-infused marinade.”

Try with: Bourbon pulled beef brisket

Best for: Chicken wings, thighs and drumsticks

Yellowwood Reserve Shiraz

“The Shiraz gives a strong backbone to this wine, providing intense dark fruit and spiced flavours. The wine has been aged in oak, giving hints of creamy vanilla for added complexity that compliments smoky marinades containing chilli and brown sugar or honey — the perfect accompaniment for sticky barbecued chicken.”

Try with: Chicken wings with blue cheese dressing

Best for: Vegetable kebabs

Costières de Nimes

“Dense with notes of red fruit compote mixed with a touch of spice, this fruity bottle is best sipped alongside barbecued vegetables to bring out the sweetness.”

Try with: Moroccan-style vegetable kebabs

Best for: Steak

Extra Special Carmenère

“This deep, dark ruby number is bursting with black fruit notes, including blackberries and black cherries, as well as chocolate, mocha and redcurrant. The full-bodied bottle stands up well against flame-grilled meat with deep BBQ flavours.”

Try with: Steak with coffee and cardamom rub

Best for: Ribs

Extra Special Fairtrade Pinotage

“The rich berry flavours in this juicy Fairtrade Pinotage from South Africa’s Cape lend themselves to rich and fatty cuts like duck or ribs.”

Try with: Treacle-glazed ribs

Best for: Spicy marinades

Extra Special Barossa Shiraz

“The Barossa Valley in South Australia is famous for its powerful Shiraz wines. This rich red is filled with sweet bramble fruit flavours and layers of spice and makes the perfect match for roast meats and spicy dishes.”

Try with: Jerk-spiced basa with pineapple salsa

Getting ready to throw a masterful BBQ this summer? Make sure to stock up on everything you need, including some of our award-winning wines, at Asda or pop into your local store.