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Why you should switch your morning coffee to a Fair Trade blend

From rich Colombian to smooth Nicaraguan, these premium coffee blends are delicious and sustainable

Why you should switch your morning coffee to a Fair Trade blend

Coffee is a well-loved commodity that many of us can’t imagine our day-to-day lives without. 

In fact, us Brits drink approximately 95 million cups of the stuff every day, with over 80% of households having coffee in the cupboards at any given time! (British Coffee Association).

Grown on the Arabica plant, coffee beans are a huge global business. Great care goes into the hand-picking, maturing and roasting of every bean, meaning that many workers around the world have a part to play in every single cup of coffee we drink in the UK - and that’s why it's important to look out for the Fair Trade label.

What does Fair Trade mean?

In order to qualify as Fair Trade, coffee must meet the organisation’s standards, which include “better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.” 

By offering Fair Trade coffee to customers, we hope to support and nurture the farming communities around the world that put in the hard work to make our fantastic products so delicious.

Why should you buy Fair Trade?

Not only does Fair Trade mean more money and better rights for the farmers; all ingredients going into a Fair Trade product are independently checked by external organisations to make sure that the produce is of the highest quality, and that the farmer’s rights are being met by larger businesses. By buying Fair Trade, not only are you helping a worldwide movement of food sustainability, but you’re also guaranteed a delicious, premium product as well.

Meet our premium Fair Trade coffees below…

Extra Special Colombian Ground Coffee

Strength (out of 5): 4

Grown in the foothills of the Andes, these sweetly delicate beans brew a beautiful cup. Humming with fruity and silky notes, the rich caramel finish makes these beans taste almost decadent. A hint of brown sugar and red berry offer a warm, well-balanced flavour, perfect for a cappuccino, latte or americano.

Extra Special Ethiopian Ground Coffee

Strength: 4

Ethiopia, the home of coffee, is abound with variety, with each region famed for flavours distinct from its neighbour. It’s in Oromia, to the west of the country, that we discovered these beautiful beans. Their rich chocolate flavour is balanced with floral notes and subtle hints of peach and apricot. Drink this fruity number black with a square of dark chocolate, or with a splash of milk.

Extra Special Peruvian Roast and Ground Coffee

Strength: 5

Grown high up on the steep slopes of the Andes, these coffee cherries are left to develop slowly in shaded areas. Once at their ripest, they are carefully hand-picked before drying in the Peruvian sun, creating a sweet flavour with a nutty aroma and notes of smooth chocolate. This rich and creamy bean is the perfect stand-out coffee for milky drinks like lattes, cappuccinos and mochas.

Extra Special Organic Nicaraguan Ground Coffee

Strength: 3

Under the shade of native trees, up high on mountain slopes, these beautiful organic beans take seed as some of the best in Central America. It’s their silky and milk chocolate notes with a smooth hazelnut finish that make them special. Add a splash of cream to a steaming cup of this blend for an ultra luxurious take on the white americano.

Looking to upgrade your morning brew to a premium blend? Find our full range of Extra Special ground coffee, coffee beans and pods online or pop into your local store.