Ultimate fish and chips

Tasty fakeaway recipes that really deliver

Who needs to order a take-out when you can cook delicious dishes with minimum mess and fuss

Tasty fakeaway recipes that really deliver

Planning a cosy night in? Bin that takeaway menu! Not only will cooking your favourite dish save money, you can enjoy bigger portions (bonus) – plus, chances are, it'll be healthier too.

Whether you're a sucker for a bowl of sticky noodles or can't resist a pizza delivery, we've got the perfect fakeaway recipes for you.

So get everyone together, pick a DVD to watch and tuck right in... 

chicken tikka masala

Easily up there with the nation's favourite dishes, we can see why this curry is so darn popular. Stock up on all the ingredients to make the paste so you can enjoy this curry week after week; while some versions use cream, this one asks for fat-free yogurt, so you won't have to feel guilty about inhaling that second helping.

pulled pork burrito

Burritos are a bit of a night-out staple – fast to eat, they're big on flavour and texture, usually combining spiced meat, rice, tomato salsa and creamy avocado. It's really easy to recreate this magic at home, though, and you can tweak this recipe however you prefer. 


Sushi – fresh, delicious and, well, expensive. If you have all the ingredients ready, making your own sushi is rather therapeutic on a Friday night or weekend. This version uses tinned tuna, so you won't have to track down Japanese fresh fish, either.

Fish and chips

Double-frying is the secret to chip perfection! Lager makes the fish batter crisp and fluffy, while soy sauce gives it a lovely golden colour and savoury taste. Perfect fish and chips!

Fish and chips

Speedy katsu chicken with a crunchy salad 

Japanese-style crispy chicken in a rich, fruity mild curry sauce - you can't go wrong with this flavour-packed classic. And, it can be on your plate within 30 mins so it's speedy to make too. 

beef burger

Planning a detour to McDonalds on your way home? Not so fast. A good burger is seriously easy to rustle up in your own kitchen. This recipe makes four generous-sized patties, and homemade onion rings are an irresistible side. The fried egg is entirely optional, but if you're craving a lot of protein it'll certainly hit the spot.

Pad Thai

If you're not a fan of hot and spicy food, this is a delicious mild version of the street-food classic with crunchy vegetables and rice noodles. If you're making Pad Thai for the kids you can skip the peanuts. For grown-ups you can add some sweet chilli sauce.

Tender beef biryani

A hearty and warming one-pot curry with rice is just the thing you need on any Friday night. We've used beef in this dish but you could swap it out for chicken or lamb if you wish. 

Sizzling beef with egg-fried rice and veg spring rolls 

Tender meat, crunchy veg and Chinese-inspired flavours with a kick of gentle chilli heat sounds like the perfect 'fakaway' to us. 

Veggie pizza

Bursting with sunshine flavours to cheer up a winter weekend, this roasted vegetable pizza is ideal for your TV dinner. You could mix up the toppings with whatever you have in the fridge.

Portuguese-style piri piri roast chicken with corn and coleslaw 

This is our spicy, saucy take on a modern fast-food favourite. We've used our ready pre-made sauce, so making this piri piri roast chicken dish really couldn't be easier. Simply marinate the chicken in the sauce, griddle your sweetcorn and throw the coleslaw together. Simples!

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