Whole fish on table

Why Fish Friday Is The Best Day Of The Week!

Five brilliant ways to tuck into a fish dish this weekend

Why Fish Friday Is The Best Day Of The Week!

Hooray for the weekend! And just in case you need another reason to love Fridays, it's the perfect opportunity to tantalise the taste buds while getting your fill of healthy fats by whipping up a delicious fish supper. Say hello to Fish Friday!

Fresh off the boat from their Seafood Retailer of the Year Award, Asda has a wide range of sustainable and flavourful fish and seafood that the whole family will love.

Everyone loves tucking into crispy fish and chunky chips, but there are so many more exciting seafood dishes and recipes to explore. This weekend, try something new with Asda's selection of sustainable and quality seafood (from lobster to seabass and even Tilapia) - we've got five mouthwatering recipes for a variety of tastes and occasions below. 

Fresh off the boat from their Seafood Retailer of the Year Award, Asda has a wide range of fresh, frozen and prepared fish and seafood that gives you so many options to be a little more adventurous with your cooking. Known as the 'Oscars' of the grocery industry, the Retail Industry Awards reward retailers for excellence and outstanding achievements, which in Asda's case is a commitment to quality and sustainable fish at affordable prices.

The great thing about fish is that it's a healthy source of protein that typically doesn't take too long to cook. So whether you're cooking up a feast for friends at the weekend or having a relaxed night in with the kids, we've got a great variety of fish recipes to inspire you to get creative in the kitchen. Read on for five fantastic fish dishes that are bound to become a regular part of your repertoire. 

Psst.. think fish is a tricky dish? Not so! Learn how to cook fish here. 

Sea Bass Parcels That Are On The Table In Under 25 Minutes

This is a perfect fish to cook when you're short on time, as it only requires a handful of ingredients (many of which you'll likely already have in the cupboard) and the Asian-style vegetables just need to be roughly chopped. Sea bass has a lovely, sweet flavour and flaky texture and Asda's Extra Special fillets already have their bones removed so you can enjoy easily. Get the sea bass parcels recipe here.

Lobster & Prawn Thermidor To Wow Friends

The sweet succulence of lobster works well with the king prawns and a glorious tangy sauce in this classic dish, topped with a Parmesan crumb. Made with whole frozen lobster, friends will love this impressive dish. Get the lobster & prawn thermidor recipe here

Fish Wraps That Will Have The Kids Asking For Seconds

These colourful fish tortillas are a wonderful combination of different textures and fun for kids to assemble themselves. Top tortillas with white fish fillets, lettuce, cabbage, avocado, tomatoes and the all-important tartare sauce. Yum! Get the fish wraps recipe here. 

A Moroccan fish stew That's Tastes Like You're On Holiday

Take a trip to Morocco with this flavour-packed stew that can be made using any fresh or frozen fish so it’s easy to make midweek with store cupboard and freezer ingredients.

A modern twist on classic fish and chips

You might have heard of beer-battered fish and chips, but you can turn up this favourite dish up a notch by adding a dash of gin and tonic to your fish and chips recipe. The secret ingredients produce a crisper and lighter fish - have a go and see for yourself! 

For more expert tips and a wide selection of seafood, head in-store to Asda - our fishmongers are happy to help!