Tasty recipes made with just 5 ingredients

It takes just a little time and know-how to rustle up these super simple, delicious recipes

Tasty recipes made with just 5 ingredients

After a long day, any recipe with a lengthy ingredient list can seem pretty daunting – while any recipe necessitating just a handful of things (some of which you already have in the store cupboard) seems infinitely more achievable.

Thankfully, you won't have to look far to find the latter. In fact, we've done the hard work for you and rounded up the best recipes that use just five easily-obtainable ingredients. Never has cooking been easier…

roasted red pepper and crab soup

Once you've roasted your peppers, this soup can be blitzed together in a matter of minutes. With flavoursome spring onions and garlic, a dollop of crème fraîche and meaty crab meat, this easy dish packs a punch.

lemon, chicken & smashed pea pasta 

Spaghetti, chicken breasts, honey, lemon and peas work together to create a seriously fresh, zesty supper. A total breeze to make, this feast can be on the table in just 25 minutes.

Hidden pear loaf 

A cake with just five key ingredients? We're sold! After poaching the pears in syrup, stand them up in your tin before pouring in the chocolate cake mix. Crystallized ginger adds a little spice and an icing sugar drizzle provides extra sweetness – and looks stunning too.

mixed berry buns 

Who would have thought that these berry buns could be made using just five ingredients? One shortcut comes courtesy of white bread mix – and another from frozen mixed berries. Once these beauties have come out of the oven, mix up icing sugar with a tablespoon of orange juice for the perfect zingy glaze.

cheat's apple tart 

The 'cheat' aspect of this recipe is simply the fact that it's made with ready-rolled shortcrust pastry – which is a brilliant time-saver. Grating apple into the egg and sugar mixture gives it an extra-fruity twist (and helps it to cook quicker), while those wafer-thin slices on the top keep it professional-looking. Bring this dessert out at your next (last minute) dinner party, and your event will be one to remember!

Feel like trying any of these shortcut recipes? Find everything you need online, or just pop into your local store.