Flower cakes

Our best botanical baking recipes

Give your cakes some flower power

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Our best botanical baking recipes

Feel inspired by the floral masterpieces in last night’s episode of Great British Bake Off? 

We certainly are. So we’ve delved into our archives and delivered some of our favourite botanical-inspired baking recipes – just in time for the weekend. 

From adding garden herbs to sweet desserts to creating rose, lavender or elderflower-flavoured cakes, discover how we can help you put a new twist on your baking. 

Strawberry and elderflower trifle

Add an unexpected twist to this family favourite by adding a splash of elderflower pressé. If you have the time, making homemade custard for your trifle is well worth the effort, but if you’re short of time, ready-made still works a treat. Try it the recipe at home!

Saffron & rose water flan

You only need a pinch of saffron to add distinctive flavour and a rich golden colour to this grown-up flan. With pretty orange slices and crushed pistachio, this recipe is sure to wow guests at your next get-together.

Chocolate-filled rosebud meringues

These pretty rosebud meringues would make a gorgeous thoughtful gift or a showstopping dessert at the end of your meal. As the pink little treats are perfectly bite-sized, why not serve them up with an afternoon cuppa? Give them a go!

Basil and strawberry cupcakes

Ready to take your cupcakes to the next level? Put a new spin on your next batch using fresh basil. Try the recipe!

Flower bowl cake

Got a celebration coming up? Impress friends and family with this beautiful homemade cake using cupcakes to create the effect of a bowl of flowers. Isn't it gorgeous?

Apple rose tarts

You could turn your next dessert into an apple bouquet. These apple rose tarts are almost too pretty to eat! Almost.

Daffodil cake

This classic sponge topped with cheerful iced biscuit flowers tastes as good as it looks, and it’s an absolute doddle to make! Try it for yourself.