Ultimate fish and chips

Food and drink pairings to enjoy during the rugby

No matter what is happening on the field - we've put our favourite dishes from six European nations and paired them with some amazing drinks

Food and drink pairings to enjoy during the rugby

If you didn’t know already, a certain rugby competition started last weekend, and although we may not be the most knowledgeable about the actual sport, nor claim to be, we do know a thing or two about the delectable dishes and delicious drinks from each of the six countries.

You could host a fun night in and try some dishes and drinks from our European cousins across the channel

We know that onion soup pairs perfectly with a glass of fruity French white wine, and we know that a steak pie works amazingly well with a proper English beer. And the pairings don't stop there...

So as each of the nations prepare to go head to head against each other this weekend, what better excuse than to treat your tastebuds to different food and drinks pairings from around the rugby world? Invite your friends round, have the rugby on in the background, but more importantly, enjoy a delicious feast!


If you love Italian food...

Let's face it, when it comes to Italian food there's nothing better than a hearty portion of pizza. Try making our courgette and pepper bianco pizza, which comes with a creamy white sauce. 

Pair with: A delicate, fresh and fruit white wine, Vicelo Garganega Pinot Grigio from northern Italy. You'll be sure to taste aromas of pear drops and citrus with clean fresh flavours of lemon and apple.

If Irish food is more your thing...

Whip up a classic and warming Irish stew. The rich lamb flavours in this simple dish turn it into a stew to remember. Serve with crusty bread or mash.

Pair with: A proper Irish stew can only go with one thing - ale! And to make it all the more Irish, Caffrey's Premium Irish ale would go down a treat.

For a British classic...

Cod and chips is about as British as it gets and with our ultimate fish and chips recipe, you can have a taste of the British classic from the comfort of your own home. 

Pair with: It has to be English ale, and we can think of nothing better than the old favourite, Old Speckled Hen.

If you're a Welsh fan...

When it comes to Welsh food, you can't beat a helping of cheesy leeks. Not only is it a rich and savoury vegetarian side, it's also perfect with a roast dinner. You could whip up some delicious roast beef, a portion of cheesy leaks and some crispy roast potatoes too. For dessert you could make these delicious individual Welsh jam tarts and serve with custard.

Pair with: Did you know that Wales produce whisky? We think a small glass of this welsh Penderyn Legend would go down a treat with dessert. 

If you love French food... 

From amazing cheeses and perfect pastries to classic mains like beef Bourguignon - French food never fails to disappoint. Why not try making a tasty red wine coq au vin and serve with mashed potato and green beans. 

Pair with: A soft, rich and fruity Malbec, like this Rigal

If Scottish food is for you...

Or for those backing Scotland, try this potato and smoked haddock soup, or a perfectly cooked salmon with salsa verde for lunch, and finish off your meal with a side of cranachan.

Pair with: A mellow, sweet and fruity whisky such as McKendrick's would go down a treat with your sweet.

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