Let’s talk about the alcohol-inspired recipe trend

Tasty recipes all flavoured with cocktails, wine and beer

Let’s talk about the alcohol-inspired recipe trend

One of the biggest food trends of the past year has got to be alcohol and cocktail-flavoured foods. Pinterest is full of gin and tonic cakes, mojito pavlovas and beer-flavoured batters as amateur bakers, bloggers and chefs get more and more experimental with flavours in the kitchen. 

Often alcoholic flavours can add a nice acidity and strong flavour to otherwise very sweet cakes, making it a really interesting combination. And in savoury dishes a touch of fizz can add a lightness to batters and alcohol can add an amazing depth of flavour to sauces and gravys. 

Here are a few of our favourite drink-inspired dishes...

Pimm’s cupcakes

Summer is made for Pimm's. The season is also made for cupcakes, especially now The Great British Bake Off is back. So why not hold on to the last of the summer days and try combining the two? These cupcakes are rich with Pimm's with a surprise strawberry syrup middle. 

Bucks Fizz Jelly 

Fizzy, fruity and tasty, this grown up jelly combines delicious prosecco and orange juice. You could serve it in hollowed out oranges for top presentation marks!

Bloody Mary mussels

This recipe is a different twist on mussels, adding the sharp tastes of vodka, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce to complement the fresh seafood. Serve with crunchy bread and butter and a cold glass of white wine.

Pimm's Summer pudding slice

Pimm's also works a treat in a summer pudding slice. Packed with summer fruits, strawberries and raspberries - this pud proves why Pimm's wasn't made just to drink. 

Red wine brownies

Treat yourself to this indulgent gooey brownie, perfect for cosy weekends especially as summer turns to autumn. We've used our Extra Special Cabernet Sauvignon in this concoction which not only contributes to the colour, but also adds a richness to this indulgent sweet treat.

Prosecco and cointreau grapes 

Prosecco fans will love this. Try mixing it with Cointreau and red grapes for some glamorous grown-up nibbles. This creation makes for the perfect tasty offering at a dinner party whilst sipping aperitifs. But remember, the sugar won't stay crunchy for long so make sure they all get eaten!

Gin and tonic fish and chips

You’ve probably heard of beer battered fish. But how about taking the mixology a notch higher? Try adding a dash of gin and tonic to the ingredients to help make a crisper and lighter batter. When the fish hits the fryer the alcohol burns off and crisps up the batter. Plus, because no milk is needed for the recipe, G&T fish and chips is the perfect treat for dairy-free eaters.

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