Footballers playing in a stadium

Super Cute Football Snacks To Make For Your Euros Get Together

Delicious treats to keep guests happy – whatever happens during the match!

Super Cute Football Snacks To Make For Your Euros Get Together

It’s been an intense couple of weeks of footie and it’s all coming to an end this weekend with the Euros Final being played on Sunday, July 10th at 9pm. As Portugal and France battle it out for top prize, why not invite some mates over for a fun evening of sport and snacks? There's nothing like having friends round for some delicious food and drink, while shouting at the TV together! And for non fans, at least with some friends and yummy food nearby, you'll have something to do in case the game gets a little tense (or boring...). We’ve got the best football party snacks that everyone will love.

From footie-inspired biscuits to watermelon carved into a the shape of a football, these party snacks are sure to keep guests happy - whatever the result of the match! Get inspired by these mouthwateringly good party snacks that almost look to good to eat. Let the snacking begin! 

A cupcake cake

Sushi balls

Football biscuits

Football fruit

Footie cupcakes

Bread balls

Cheesecake towers

Soccer popcorn

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