4 savvy swaps for lighter pasta dishes

These lighter takes on pasta favourites are perfect for January

4 savvy swaps for lighter pasta dishes

Real life is officially back, and that means festive eating has finally found its end. Whether you're trying Veganuary, or simply looking for something lighter after weeks of indulging, dinner can (and should!) still be delicious. 

With these four savvy swaps, you can still enjoy your favourite pasta dishes, and skip feeling heavy afterwards. From a vegan take on mac 'n' cheese, to vibrant vegetable gnocchi, these recipes are just what you need this January.


Prawn, lemon and chilli courgetti

There is less pasta in this delicious Prawn, Lemon and Chilli Courgetti, but don’t fear! There is still lots of flavour involved. Simply swap out some of the spaghetti with some fresh courgette noodles, and you’re good to dig in.

Fajita-spiced chicken and tomato farfalle

If you normally garnish your pasta with mountains of cheese, try this recipe. The warming spices in this Italian and Mexican fusion provide plenty of flavour, so there's no need to top with cheese! Trust us, you won’t miss it. 


Vegan Mac ’n’ cheese

For everyone trying a plant-based lifestyle, this one’s for you. The white sauce contains no diary, being made from puréed cauliflower instead. The best bit? It's just as comforting as its dairy-based counterpart.


Butternut squash and spinach gnocchi 

The simple squash sauce in this veggie gnocchi supper gives a lovely creaminess. It's hearty, low-fat, and low-salt too – you're welcome!


Start the New Year with one of these light pasta dishes and make sure you head to your local Asda store or online to stock up on all the ingredients you'll need.