4 quick traybakes to save you this daylight saving

Worried about losing an hour? Don't worry, you'll barely notice with these quick-and-easy traybakes

4 quick traybakes to save you this daylight saving

Whether losing an hour of your day had made cooking a little more complicated, or you simply don’t have the energy for a lengthy meal, sometimes you just want an easy dinner. Enter, traybakes.

Cooking an entire meal in one dish is a game-changer. For these dishes, almost all you have to do is pop the ingredients in, put the dish in the oven, and wait patiently to dig in.

From veggies to meat-lovers, we have a traybake for you. There's even a sweet treat in there if you fancy cooking up dessert.

Pear and pork chop

Topped with a tangy salsa verde made from fresh rosemary, parsley and capers, this traybake is packed with flavour. The sweetness of the pears contrast with savoury pork chops for an impressive yet deceptively simple evening meal.

Salmon and Mediterranean veg

This is a true one-dish meal – layer the vegetables and salmon steaks, garnish with lemon wedges, season with black pepper and that's a wrap! Then all you have to do is pop the tray in the oven for roughly half an hour, and it's dinner time already.

Portobello and red onion Yorkshire pudding

This one takes a little more prep to begin with but it is definitely worth it, after all Yorkshire puddings are always a good idea. Whisk the batter together and quickly fry the mushrooms and onions before adding to the tray and baking until golden.

Raspberry traybake

It would be rude not to include at least one sweet traybake on our list, and this one is full of fruity goodness. The raspberries are sandwiched between an oat, seed and honey mixture, and if you wrap the bake up it is ideal for packed lunches too. 

Head to your local Asda store or online to stock up on all the ingredients you'll need to get traybaking.