Free-from pancakes to please everyone on Shrove Tuesday

Gluten-free? Dairy free? We've got Pancake Day covered

Free-from pancakes to please everyone on Shrove Tuesday

Pancake Day is one of the best days of the year. Fact. The fun of the flip, the big decision of whether to go for lemon and sugar or Nutella, the queue for the next pancake whilst the pancake chef gets ever more stressed by the pressure.

But what if you’re left out of Pancake Day because you can’t eat gluten, or are intolerant to dairy? Well friends, you will never be left out again, because we’ve put together a few perfect pancakes ideal for all kinds of dietary requirements.

So get out your best non-stick frying pan, roll up your sleeves and get stuck in!

If you’re dairy-free

Dairy-free banana pancakes

These amazing dairy-free poppy seed and banana pancakes are made with coconut milk and dairy-free yogurt, then topped with lime zest and honey. They are delicious, sweet, light and fluffy and will go down a treat with all the family. 

Make sure you stock up on dairy-free staples in store so you can cater for your free from friends. Non dairy milks like soya, almond and oat are perfect for pancakes, and don't forget the topping! This heavenly chocolate ice cream is made with soy and will taste incredible on top of any pancake.


If you’re gluten-free

Gluten-free old American Dutch baby style pancake

A Dutch baby is actually American. Crazy. It's made by oven-cooking pancake batter in a very hot pan. When it comes out of the oven it will be amazingly puffed up and fluffy and can be topped with anything you like from maple syrup, lemon and sugar to delicious fresh fruit. Our recipe uses gluten-free flour so is perfect for any coeliac friends. 

Give it a go for a real showstopper pancake!


Gluten-free crêpes with pan-fried pears

If you're a fan of the more traditional pancake, then these gluten-free crêpes are sure to be a winner. The recipe suggests serving them with pan-fried pears, but you could also do pan-fried bananas, apples or even raspberries to add a fruity element to your dish. A good dollop of ice cream on top will melt into the pancake and add a delicious sweet element to your plate. Mmm.

If you're looking to make gluten-free pancakes at home there are lots of free from flours to choose from. If you're making traditional pancakes you'll need Free From plain flour. If you fancy more American-style pancakes you need Free From self raising flour. And if you fancy giving your pancakes a nutty flavour, you could try using coconut flour. But beware that gluten-free flours absorb more liquid that others so you will need more to avoid a dry batter. 

And if you're short on time, don't forget that you can get your hands on these Genius gluten-free pancakes in store and online.


For all your Pancake Day ingredients, go online or pop into your local store