FreeFrom Essentials at a fraction of the price

You don't have to pay a premium for your FreeFrom products with our FreeFrom Rollback!

FreeFrom Essentials at a fraction of the price

Why pay more for having specific dietary requirements? We compare your everyday essentials to our Free From products, you will be surprised at how budget-friendly Free From can really be!

Value is important to us, that's why we've put all Free From essentials on Rollback so you can shop happy - that's Asda Price!

So, whether you're dairy-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, or egg-free – we've got all dietary requirements covered.



Who doesn't love a bit of pasta? A staple that adorns our store-cupboards on the regular, so why not stock up on this gluten-free version. A change in diet doesn't mean you have to miss out and with our RollBack you can enjoy Free From without the price tag!


ASDA GLUTEN-FREE GREEN PESTO – £1.49 (Rollback to £0.65)  

ASDA GREEN PESTO –  £0.65                    

We believe pesto goes with pretty much anything, don't you agree? Which is why we have included this delicious Free From Green Pesto in our essentials! Add to chicken, fish, and of course pasta – you have yourself the perfect weeknight meal!

ASDA FREE FROM PIZZA MARGHERITA – £2.00 (Rollback to £0.85) 

Asda stonebaked four cheese pizza – £1.08              

What’s a Friday night in without a pizza? This FreeFrom Margherita means that no one has to miss out on pizza night. Red wine anyone?


ASDA FREE FROM CHOCOLATE SNAPS – £1.80 (Rollback to £0.87)

Asda Chocolate snaps cereal – £1.59

Your fave cereal is back, and it’s now gluten-free and milk free! Enjoy with oat milk or regular cows milk for a super tasty and quick brekkie.

ASDA FREE FROM MAYONNAISE – £1.49 (rollback to £0.41)  

Asda Mayonnaise – 0.84                   

You will be surprised at how much our Free From mayo tastes just like the real stuff! Creamy and smooth – the perfect condiment for that lunchtime sarnie.

ASDA FREE FROM JAR SAUCE TIKKA MASALA – £1.50 (rollback to £0.64)

Asda tikka masala cooking sauce – £0.64       

Fancy a tasty curry night? We’ve got your dietary requirements sorted with our Free From Tikka Masala curry sauce! Coming in at only 64p – bargain!

ASDA GF FREE FROM SELF RAISING FLOUR – £1.50 (Rollback to £0.33)         

Asda self-raising flour – £0.49     

Create a cake of your dreams with our Free From self-raising flour – bake a cake for friends and we bet they won’t even taste the difference! Our RollBack price of 33p is a complete steal.

ASDA FREE FROM SPECIAL FLAKES – £1.80 (rollback on £0.62)

Asda special flakes – £1.04   

Breakfast on a budget? At just 62p for our Free From Special Flakes cereal, what could be better?

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