Make these weeknight dinners in a flash from the freezer

Cut down on prep and ramp up the flavour using frozen veg, herbs and spices

Make these weeknight dinners in a flash from the freezer

Using frozen veg, herbs and spices is a genius way to ramp up the flavours and cut down on prep on all your midweek meals.

From fragrant fish curries to saucy enchiladas, scroll on to discover five of our favourite midweek dinners that can be whipped up from the freezer drawer without a fuss.

Cod and sweet potato thai curry

Curry in a hurry cooked from scratch? Believe it – the frozen cod and sweet potatoes can be used straight from the freezer and the frozen ginger and Thai herb blend are bursting with flavour.

beef and mixed pepper goulash

A goulash is a Hungarian-style stew seasoned with paprika and sweetened with slowly braised peppers. We've used frozen peppers in this version to minimise prep, making it a brilliant midweek meal. Serve with super speedy frozen vegetable rice for hearty and filling family dinner.

Colcannon cakes with poached egg

Who doesn't love breakfast-style foods for dinner? Using frozen mash and kale saves so much time and fuss – plus, you can measure out the exact amount required, so it’s a zero-waste winner, too.

Butternut squash and spinach lasagne

Butternut squash may be delicious, but it's also a pain to peel. A bag of frozen, prepared chunks not only save time on prep, but also add an earthy sweetness and heartiness to this meat-free take on the Italian classic. Serve with a fresh green salad and you've got yourself a practically perfect vegetarian supper. Zero effort, maximum reward. Yum.

Chicken enchiladas

This saucy Mexican-style dish uses frozen, pre-sliced onion and pepper, so there’s no peeling or chopping. What's more, the diced chicken breast can be cooked from frozen – it really couldn’t be easier! 

Have our freezer-drawer fancies got you feeling inspired to whip up some midweek feasts this week? Make sure to stock up on everything you need online or pop into your local store.