Shallot tarte tatin

How to have a French-inspired picnic

Add a twist to your everyday classic picnic, with our French inspired round up...

How to have a French-inspired picnic

Although the Great British weather might suggest otherwise, picnic season is well and truly here! 

But if you're looking to branch away from your usual cucumber sandwiches, sausage rolls or victoria sponges – we have just the thing.

Introducing our French-inspired picnic round-up with all the added extras. From Extra Special Brie paired with freshly baked baguettes to super easy to make quiche Lorraine served up with a crisp and light salad, you won't need your passport to taste some great French cuisine!

Grab some croissants, brioche and Roquefort and make a few of these tasty classics...


tuna Nicoise salad

A classic French recipe that works as a light meal, lunch or even a snack? A Nicoise salad wins every time. Originating from Nice, this salad is traditionally made up of tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, Niçoise olives and anchovies or tuna, but you can easily swap out the protein for cooked salmon or leftover meat. We've added some cucumber and new potatoes, just because. Remember to pour your dressing on once you've found your picnic spot, not before! 

French fruit flan

No French-inspired picnic would be complete without a fruit flan. We've used a variety of different sliced fruits like raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and grapes  - but you could include all of your family's favourites. This sweet treat works with anything. 


quiche Lorraine

Where would we be without a quiche Lorraine? Quiche is a French tart consisting of a pastry crust filled with egg, cheese, meat, seafood or vegetables. With a quiche Lorraine, it's known for including lardons or bacon and is ideal for a relaxed picnic as it can be served hot or cold. What a winner!


Cheat's croque madame

What's not to love about this French classic? We've updated this recipe, using a reduced-fat cheese spread! Make a few of these for your picnic to add a tasty twist to your regular sandwiches. If you're enjoying at home, add a poached egg on top to make it extra oozy!


If you're feeling extra fancy, why not go the extra mile and whip up these little bites of goodness. Macarons are delicately chewy and crunchy all at once and they look almost too good to eat. Serve them up as a little after-picnic treat to really impress. 

Crepes suzette

We have the French to thank for a lot of things. And the recipe for crepes Suzette is one of them! Another French must-have, this pancake is cooked in a fruity orange sauce and is traditionally flambeed (set alight) before serving. But if you've got little mouths to feed, crepes Suzette taste just as morish with or without the addition of Cointreau.


shallot Tarte Tatin 

A twist on a classic French dessert! This shallot tarte tatin is the perfect addition for anyone who still wants a little bit of 'sweet' in their savoury, with caramelised shallots. We've made it extra easy we have used ready-made puff pastry (but who's checking!) Transport this French delicacy with care at your next picnic.


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