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From bean to bar

Our Extra Special chocolate bars are made with only the finest ingredients. Here’s how...

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From bean to bar

We’re incredibly proud of our Extra Special range of silky smooth and indulgent chocolate. As well as working hard to produce truly delicious, quality bars, we consider the sustainability of the methods used to create each one. As a result, the chocolate is crafted in collaboration with carefully selected cocoa bean farmers and chocolatiers.

‘Behind every bar is a story that spans continents – and it all starts with the cocoa bean,’ says Simon Wright from Icam Cioccolato, an Italian-based chocolatier that produces most of our Extra Special chocolate bars. ‘The beans used are grown in the rich, abundant soils of Peru, Ecuador and Madagascar. These have what’s called “fine flavour”, which means they have a unique, distinctive taste.’

Only about 4% of the world’s cocoa supply is defined as ‘fine’ – and we only ever use this in Extra Special chocolate.

But flavour is only part of the story. We take great care to ensure our cocoa is produced ethically by working with UTZ, a non-profit organisation that promotes sustainable farming around the world. UTZ provides training that helps farmers produce their cocoa using best-practice methods and makes sure our supply chain is independently verified.

‘This means that not only is the way the beans are grown fair to the people we workwith, but they’re kinder to the planet, too,’ says Simon.

Once harvested, the cocoa beans are then sent to the chocolatiers to create the bars you see in store. ‘The family-run firm has been perfecting its craft for more than 70 years, working directly with farmers,’ says Simon. ‘I can honestly say the company is involved in the whole production process, from bean to bar.’

The roasting and grinding method of every batch of beans is subtly adjusted by the chocolatiers to extract the very best flavour. They then add other carefully selected natural ingredients, from Madagascan vanilla to mint oil, to make our great-tasting products. ‘There are more cocoa solids and less sugar in each bar, compared to standard chocolate, so you’ll find an intensity of fabulous flavour in every bite,’ adds Simon.


Our Extra Special chocolate is better for farmers, better for the planet, and delicious too! Here are our top three favourite flavours:

top 3 extra special chocolate bars:

Butter crunch:

Our Extra Special Salted Butterscotch Milk Chocolate comprises luscious milk chocolate swirled with butterscotch chunks.

Fresh Mint:

Bittersweet cocoa is highlighted with cool peppermint in our tempting Extra Special Mint Dark Chocolate.

Berry dream:

This elegant Extra Special Raspberry Dark Chocolate zings with bursts of raspberry. 

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