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Say hello to your new favourite summer drink: the Frosé

You’ve never tasted anything like these amazing rosé wine slushies...

By Shannon Wilson, 24 June 2016
Say hello to your new favourite summer drink: the Frosé

While summer may have yet to make an official appearance (we're looking at you grey skies), the time to enjoy fruity berries and ice-cold beverages is officially here. If this sounds right up your street, you'll love the newest food trend to hit the block: Frosé. Made from combining two of our favourite summer treats into one glorious new mash-up, Frosé mixes rosé wine with ice slush beverages. Delectably suitable for sipping in hot weather and channeling your favourite childhood slushies, there’s no doubt Frosé will be your new favourite beverage of 2016.


Um. I used my ice cream maker to make frosé. ✨❄️������

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What's so great about Frosé is that while it effortlessly bridges the gap between alcoholic beverage and summer thirst-quencher, it also looks amazing – so you can be instantly refreshed AND Instagram-worthy at the same time. That sounds like a win/win to us.


The even greater news is that while it’s not available for purchase as of yet, it's super easy to whip up in the kitchen and cheap as chips. And as there’s no official recipe, you can try as many different combinations as you like until you find your favourite. All you require to recreate this soon to be iconic beverage is your favourite rosé, berries of your choosing and a blender.

For starters, you could try freezing rosé overnight, before blending it with some strawberries and adding a dash lemon juice. Or, if you're strapped for time, why not go for a scoop of Asda-bought strawberry sorbet coupled with some sparkling rosé and fresh berries for that instant wow effect.


Frosé ��☀️#bonappetit #frosé

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Of course, the real trick to a great Frosé is choosing the right rosé to go in it. As there’s freezing involved, you might want to go for a stronger, fuller bodied and more pungently flavoured rosé than your usual favourite (the freezing process dulls the flavour).

Don't know where to start? See our suggestions below for some save, spend and splurge options to help you achieve the perfect Frosé.

Save: Three Mills Summer Berry Fruits Fruity Rosé, £3

Bursting with delicious and vibrant aromas of raspberry, strawberry and cherry. 

Spend: Hardy's Postcards Shiraz Rosé, £5

Packed full of flavours, this refreshing Rosé contains hints of of raspberry and strawberry fruit.

Splurge: Louvel Fontaine Champagne Rosé Brut, £14

Fruity, rich and generous, this Rosé Brut comes complete with fresh strawberry and cherry hints.

Check out some more mouth-watering photos of Frosé below, and don't forget to let us know your favourite Frosé combinations by using #goodliving on social media.


Start this frozen rosé NOW! Recipe and original photo over at @basilandbubbly #frosé #frozenrose #rosé #roséallday #worldmarket

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Summer of Frosé ��

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It's time to officially introduce #frosé into your vocabulary. #rosé + simple syrup + ice + blender = #froséallday

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Could use a few more rounds of R&D but this will do the trick for now #frosé

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