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Frozen barbecue favourites

These street-food dishes can be cooked indoors or thrown on the grill

Frozen barbecue favourites

The British summer can be unpredictable, but stocking your freezer with barbecue faves can help to make sure your family doesn't miss out on any opportunities to eat alfresco. We have a great range of frozen burgers, marinated pork, chicken, skewers and more, plus tasty veggie and vegan choices, too.

Most of our food cooks from frozen, so it's quick and easy to rustle up an outdoor feast as soon as the sun starts shining, or just as good to enjoy indoors if the weather's not so hot.


Lamb kebab tacos with jewelled cous cous & courgette tzatziki

North African-inspired flavours get a Tex-Mex twist in a treat for the eyes and taste buds! These lamb kebabs are perfect paired with the cooling courgette tzatziki and pops of fruity pomegranate.


hot wings with spicy rice & beans

The jerk chicken seasoning on these chicken winners is hard to beat! The hot sauce gives a punchy, sizzling taste of the Caribbean. Yum!


sticky chilli mini corn cobs with bacon bits

Smoky bacon and a chilli kick complement the sweet, buttery and irresistible corn. Chomp your way through the ultimate side dish – savoury and superbly sweet!


Meat-free meatball & veg skewers 

Veggies will love these chunky, garlicky kebabs, made with meat-free soya 'meatballs'. Pack vibrant veg onto each skewer and get grilling.


pulled pork po'boy with remoulade

The Cajun-style classic baguette sandwich and creamy mayonnaise-based sauce get a mouthwatering barbecue makeover with this pork po'boy. Squidge this delicious filling into a fresh, crusty baguette and you have an epic sarnie bursting with flavour!